Find great deals for Absolute Magic Derren Brown x. Shop with confidence on eBay!. 18 Mar They’re from Derren Brown and they’re both discontinued. Of course there is few I know Absolute Magic is a rarr book and hard to get a copy. Absolute Magic by Derren Brown. Another great book from Derren Brown. SKU: See more Books with Derren Brown here. If you want to submit a product .

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Aug 15, A candy for any serious magician. It focuses on Derren’s own model of how magic should be performed.

Derren Brown’s Pure Effect and Absolute Magic?

Just wanted to let anyone looking know that I am selling my copy. Nov 9, Messages: MarkFarrar Veteran user U. There are many examples though If you want some magic tricks go for ‘Pure effect’.

Both his magic books, Pure Effect and Absolute Magic, are outstanding reads that have completely changed my approach to magic. Customer Support Representative Home Page: This page was created in 0. His dvd is well worth a watch too, if absolute magic derren brown after a more affordable insight into his work.


Reviews and rundowns welcome. We work with the United States Playing Card absoluts and have produced 14 lines of playing card decks that are repeatedly acclaimed by top industry pros and magic enthusiasts all over the world. Perhaps Absolute is better from the standpoint that the writer actually employs the ideas and theories he pens onto absolute magic derren brown.

Not so much coins or cards or lil red balls!. Jan 12, Jason That would make the performer better, not the book, no?

I was laughing out loud at the aboslute absolute magic derren brown of some of absolute magic derren brown techniques. No tricks, but this is worth more to me than great tricks. I will not attempt to hide my jealousy that Derren should be so adept in these two disparate fields.

Shawn Mullins Find mafic posts. Can anyone tell me about his newer book, Absolute Magic? Dec 31, Would not part with them for twice the going price on any site.


The Magic Cafe Forums – Derren Brown, Absolute Magic

Mine is green with gold writing — Is that a different edition? I have Pure Effect and Absolute magic derren brown enjoyed that tremendously although I don’t actually use any of the tricks written up in there. Absolute magic derren brown magic is a very interesting book. Maybe get Derren to sign it.

Every magician should reflect on his thoughts and suggested frame work for what we do. I maagic Absolute Magic. Join us on FacebookTwitter or YouTube.

Originally Posted by Tempest. It is pity they are not still avaliable…am a really big fan. And not only food: I plan to be buried with mine.

Absolute Magic – Derren Brown

We want to make you into a performer. Do I treasure it for posterity or do I flog my old copy? They offered to buy it from me, but I refused.