The Abirami Anthathi is a divine, lyrical song on Goddess Abirami which has verses. The term “Anthaathi” refers to the particular style of composition. Abirami Pattar. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Abhirami Pattar born (Tamil: சுப்பிரமணிய ஐயர்) Subramaniya Iyer was a Hindu saint from the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He is famed as the.

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And when they sing that thine eyes are like Doe, Abirami andhadhi lyrics in thine breasts are like sweet cane, All they tell you are but lies, For words mother mine, Are of no use to describe thee.

Please download and read and listen to Abirami Anthathi devotioanl song offline. Parrot you are oh mother, Light in the hearts of your devotees, you are, The source of all light you are, Limitless empty space you are, And Mother you are, who looks to us, as nature great, Limitless you are chained in my limited mind, Is this abirami andhadhi lyrics in a great wonder.

Leader great of ours, You who is with four faces, You who is the power of Narayana, You who have five flower bows in her lotus hands, You who gives pleasure as the soul of the world, You who is black and called Syamala, You who wears the serpent garlands, You who is the daughter of Matanga, Your holy feet is our only solace with out end. When she who has the reddest feet By walking in the way of Vedas, our books great, When she who is like the tender climbing plant, With the crescent in her head, And when she who is youthful in colour green, Is there, never will there be, problems for me.

You who reside on the left, Of abirami andhadhi lyrics in Lord with the black neck, Even if you excuse me not, I would your holy feet praise in this life. But actually the day was Amavasya New moon. Without any abirami andhadhi lyrics in, I will not love, Those small, small gods.

Each stanza of the poem Abhirami Andhathi is a gem of poetry in itself. Lived she as a consort to Sankara our Lord, And also was she his mother holy, And so she is the greatest goddess known, Waste I will not this my life, And never would I try, Any other goddess to serve.

Because abirami andhadhi lyrics in his problem to solve when you were irate, Our lord Shiva kept his head on thine feet, Which is like the lotus that is red. Ruling my life, you always have, Churn it like curd, Birth after birth, In miseries abirami andhadhi lyrics in, And take me to salvation great, Oh, you who has reddish feet, Who is forever worshipped, By the four faced Lord, doing his creation nonstop, By the great Lord Vishnu, doing the upkeep, And by thine Lord Chandrasekara doing His job abirami andhadhi lyrics in destruction great, Oh, mother mine with reddish dot, Who is always pretty and winsome.


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Sanskrit Mantras: Abirami Andhathi Lyrics (English)

Hateful devotees to pardon. Power great united in one, But spread in various shapes. To him you gave love, And the wise god, with six heads, And twelve hand, as his son, Oh mother, Does it not show thine great strength. Should be my solace and help, When the Lord of death abirami andhadhi lyrics in to my bed, For you will console me and appear.

Creeper of tender Vanchi plant, The karpaga tree on to abirami andhadhi lyrics in the creeper climbed, You who have become abiramo to make me realize, You who have the heady incense of the four holy Vedas, You who are the doe abirrami on the Himalayas, You who are the mother of all Gods like Brahma, Give andhavhi boon to die and never be born, And me part of yours make.

Goodness and goodness alone, You are, Mother mine You are the holy married women forever. Lord mine gave you two measures of rice, My mother, but abirami andhadhi lyrics in, Fed this entire world forever using those.

Thoughts of the Lord, you ever occupy, You who is like the ever-shining golden lamp ready to give light, And are ready to give milk, to the crying child, From your ever beautiful breasts, Please come, you who wears the necklace of pearl in your neck, You who hold the bow made of flowers in your hand, And you who has white teeth like the abirami andhadhi lyrics in of peacocks feather, And my mother come before me and stand.

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Light of thine glittering body, Lights the entire universe abirami andhadhi lyrics in fail, Oh, beauty who sits on lotus red, Thought of thee in penance deep, Makes my mind leap, And drowns it in happiness great, How can I forget ever your grace. Men, immortal sages and devas, Bow down at your feet, Oh beautiful one, You and he, The holy one who wears the garland of iris, Who has the coolest moon on his head, And the snake and the river, Should always my mind occupy.

Abirami andhadhi lyrics in of mine is below your lotus like feet, Heart of mine forever is full of manthras praising you, Oh red colured pretty one, Think and discuss I always, With thine devotees great, Verses singing thine praise and thine agamas and rules.

The Lord Shiva who presides over the temple is called Amritha Gateswarar. One who has shoulders like bamboo, One who has the bow made of sugarcane, One who has arrows made of flowers, One has pearly white teeth, One who has doe like eyes, You never leave my mind forever.


Having all that she wishes fulfilled, Clothed in red silk fine, Glittering crowning glory on her head, She never reaches the ones who deceive. Good even if it comes, Abirami andhadhi lyrics in bad even if it comes, Is all the same for me, For I do not know abirami andhadhi lyrics in andhaadhi that is mine.

Meaning is available for all Abirami Andhdahi songs, given by Kavinjar Kannadhasan. Sadness to prevent in me, She entered abirami andhadhi lyrics in lotus of my mind, So that none of the joy giving things, Are required by me in this world from now on, My mother Abhirami, Who helped the Devas of Heaven get, The nectar they got from the sea of milk, She who is pretty and thin.

Make not I, anything else, As a part abigami my mind, Except thee, my mother, Nor will I part crowd of devotes thine, And nor will I adopt any other truth except thee, Oh Goddess, who is wide and full in all the three worlds, And also spread beyond those worlds, You who appear before me as honey, Anhadhi you, who are the pleasure of drinking honey, You are in my eye like a pearl.

Standing, sitting, abirami andhadhi lyrics in and walking, I think and worship your lotus like feet, Oh grace giving Uma, who is the ultimate aim of unwritten Abirami andhadhi lyrics in, And who appeared in the foothills of Himalayas, You give us all the abirami andhadhi lyrics in redemption, And are of the form of everlasting happiness.

Hands thine hold the bow of sweetest cane, And the im made of flowers, Draped thou art with chains of lovely white pearls, Tied you have andhwdhi thine snake like hips, The belt made of gems, Oh Goddess who is with my lord, Abirami andhadhi lyrics in wears the eight sides as robe, You wear silks of coral red.

Getting of those powers great from her, The Parashakthi who gives such powers, That power which leads to the knowledge of Shiva, The salvation that sages who do penance get, The seed for such salvation, The wisdom that comes from such seed, All these thou art, my goddess who is in my wisdom, even then. Live they will in the shadow of wish giving tree, And will never be born, To another mother andhzdhi, If they raise above the seas, And above the andhaadhi worlds, And body of mother with flowery hair, only think.

He then set up rope hangings and hung in them.