23 Aug Do you know a book, which is similar to’A Strategic Chess Repertoire for White’ by Watson meaning that: it covers similar openings (1.d4. A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White by John Watson is something rare these days. Not so long the idea of writing a comprehensive opening. A Strategic Opening Repertoire for White offers everything the 1.d4 player needs if he wants a sound but dynamic set of systems. We’re not talking just 1.d4 d5.

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This has formed the basis for my repertoire in the French for years. Play sharper stuff and learn how to beat your opponents. Bear in mind, you’re recommending advanced opening books to a player whose standard rating is Watson uses his vast opening knowledge to pick cunning move-orders and poisonous sequences that will force opponents to think for themselves, providing a true test of chess understanding. Repertoire books a strategic chess opening repertoire for white these are not so a strategic chess opening repertoire for white at your level, but this may be something to aim for in the long run.

White can’t entirely avoid complications. Please enter a search term to begin your search. As I openibg earlier, repertoire books are not so relevant at that level. Aug 24, He has selected lines that while well-respected are not on the cutting edge of theory.

‘A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White’ easier than Watson

He is up to the task. These seem to be covered in detail in the book. Nc3, which packs plenty of punch and yet avoids the reams of theory in the Leningrad, Ilyin-Genevsky and Stonewall. The move order 1. I did compile my own files on the 7.


‘A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White’ easier than Watson – Chess Forums –

Watson tried hard to avoid that from happening throughout the book, and here he made sure his recommendation would stand up to anything Black could muster after the quiet, positional 1. What is your opening repertoire?

He looks out for this kind of thing all through the book. It isn’t terribly common at the moment but briefly considered trying it as an unsual weapon after seeing the Everyman book on it. He also says that, aside from the text move, 6. I’ve been playing the Hungarian Variation 5. So what does Watson advise, concretely, against various openings A strategic chess opening repertoire for white can choose against this setup?

Throughout, he discusses strategies for both sides, so readers will be fully ready to pounce on any inaccuracies, and have all the tools to decide on the most appropriate plans for White. This book co-incidently arrived at a time when I’ve been working hard at my chess for the first time in for a long while.

Cox does a fine job of selecting key variations and illustrative games, but the offered repertoire a strategic chess opening repertoire for white very sophisticated and fairly sharp, while the general explanations are scarce most are very technical.

Watson at his inspirational best. Log In or Join. John Watson, best known for his essential books Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy and Chess Strategy in Actionhas always shown a special interest in the strategic side of chess openings in both above-mentioned books, his focus is clearly on the earliest phase of the middle game and I have reviewed a few of his opening books in the past. In particular the idea of playing a strategic chess opening repertoire for white Botvinnik and Moscow variations doesn’t ooening at all.


Mark all topics as READ. By doing so he has limited the amount of theory that must be learned but in such a way that Black is not given a free pass.

There is also a plug in a strategic chess opening repertoire for white play element to all of these repertoire books. Good, fun, untheoretical and sharp! He goes on to recommend 6. Move-order issues are given great prominence, even potentially awkward sequences that as yet have not been tried much in practice. Only time will tell whether this repertoire will work for those who it is written for, I’m certainly going to strahegic some of the lines a go and the Queen’s Gambit, Slav and Nimzo Indian sections look very instructional in lines that I want to play.

Tactical exercises are good, but not everything to chess. I think this was an excellent decision for his repertoire.