Industrial Security Manual, Section 08 DOD $R, Information 14 SUDIO ‘. Gun Failure, Carl Gustaf, MAAWS, M3, Composites, Composite Gun Barrels, .. CUTTING PLAN FOR 84MM M3 RR SER# I. 1. -. 3/4″DISK. The new Carl-Gustaf M4 is a man-portable multi-role illuminate the night sky, the Carl-Gustaf M4 is for you. 84mm TPT 84mm TP 84mm. HEAT The Carl-Gustaf system is a true multi-role, man-portable artillery system that allows the infantryman to defeat armoured vehicles with add-on armour protection.

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Manul using titanium, the updated M3E1, based on the M3A1 introduced inis more than six pounds lighter. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Carl 84,m recoilless rifle. The overpressure or blast wave generated by the Gustaf, will cause blast and burn related injuries to those behind the gun.

The wiring harness was included in the M3E1 configuration that provides a foregrip controller and programmable fuze setter for an interchangeable fire control system. While the weapon provides enhanced effectiveness, its 9.

The current Carl Gustaf M3 version was introduced in This page has been archived on the Web Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. Retrieved 24 April For this reason, several armies have retired the illumination rounds, while the U. Other new features include a red-dot sight, a travel mznual catch to allow the M4 to be carried while loaded, an adjustable shoulder rest and forward grip for improved ergonomics, a shot counter to keep track of how many rounds have been fired to manage the weapon’s 1,round barrel life, picatinny rails for grips and sight mounts, and a remote round management function so intelligent sights can “talk” to programmable rounds.

The Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle Swedish pronunciation: The Defence Capabilities Blueprint replaces this content. Please contact us to request a format other than cafl available. Introduced init was one of the many recoilless rifle designs of that era. Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. The result was superior accuracy at longer ranges.


ARCHIVED – 84mm Carl Gustaf Upgrade

While the SMAW weighs 2. The most modern variants fielded by Swedish rifle companies have been fitted with the Swedish Aimpoint sighting system.

Small Arms Survey The M3E1 is also 2.

The rear part of the barrel is fitted with venturi nozzle, which mmanual hinged to allow loading of the ammunition and ejection of the fired cases or unfired rounds. The M3 became an official program of record in the conventional Army inand a conditional materiel release was authorized in late to equip all brigade combat teams with one M3 launcher per infantry platoon. Although the single-shot AT-4 is lighter and can be carried by one person, a Gustaf team with the heavier recoilless rifle can reload and fire more rounds.

Most types of projectiles are just warheads which are “blown out” of the barrel by the propellant charge, but some most recently developed types of ammunition has built-in rocket boosters, which are ignited as the round reaches safe distance from the shooter, greatly improving the maximum effective range.

Most modern HEAT rounds for Carl-Gustaffeature either single or a tandem shaped-charge warhead, and a rocket booster for increased range, and can penetrate up to mm of armor behind the ERAprotection. Cwrlthe U.

While similar gustaav have generally disappeared from service, the Gustaf is still made and remains in widespread use today. Swedish arms designers began to experiment with recoilless antitank rifles in early s.

Archived from the original on A subsequent review of the contractor-supplied fatigue test data determined that the data did not meet U.

Any expense incurred by any person or entity in reliance upon the information provided is at the sole risk of that person or entity. Archived from the original on 10 April The firing unit consists of the pistol grip with the trigger and manual safety, which is linked to the ignition module at the rear of the weapon by the tube, located below and to the right of the barrel.


Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 15 November To achieve that, the mwnual rim has a special indexing recess. De ransel op de rug deel 2. The external steel parts were also replaced with plastics and aluminium alloys.

Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle

In addition, improved HEAT, high explosive HEsmoke and illumination star shell or flare ammunition is also available. In latethe Army fielded 58 M3s and 1, rounds of ammunition to units deployed to Afghanistan to destroy enemy targets out to 1, meters. Unitary ammunition of 84mm caliber is loaded into aluminum cases with open bottoms,closed by plastic pressure discs. The Gustaf is a light weight, low cost weapon that uses a wide range of ammunition, making it extremely flexible and suitable in a wide variety of roles.

Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle – Wikipedia

The M3E1 uses the same family of ammunition as the M3, which has been successfully tested. The new rifle will be compatible with the existing ammunition and weigh significantly less than the existing weapon to offset the additional weight of the advanced sighting system. The Gustaf was soon sold around the world and became one of the primary squad -level anti-tank weapons for many West European armies.

In addition to infantry use, the Marines are considering it to replace the SMAW in combat engineer squads.