Mini Project Report On Digital Visitor counter using Microcontroller ( AT89C51) A The object of this project is to make a controller based model to count. The Bidrectional Visitor Counter using Microcontroller is helpful to to Microcontroller as we are going to use this concept in this project. . AT89C51 ( based Microcontroller); Programmer; Push Button. tsofcom/bidirectional-visitor-counter/. Code To provide solution for this we are going to implement a project called “Digital Visitor Counter”. Microcontroller: This is the CPU (central processing unit) of our project.

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Thus the upper contact arm starts to be attracted to the lower fixed arm and thus closes the contacts causing a short circuit for the power to the load. A baaed is said to switch one or more poles. Possible interrupt sources are device dependent, and often include events such as an internal timer overflow, completing an analog to digital conversion, a logic level change on an input such vissitor from a button being pressed, and data received on a communication link.

So, the same concept is also applied. For working principle, I would have permitted to tell simply. You will get a CD with this project: Other designs are purpose built for control applications.

Bidirectional Visitor Counter Youtube video coming soon Question and answers about this project: There are two colors shown. The sensor would observe an interruption and provide an input to the controller which would run the counter increment depending on entering of the person. Advantage of using Infrared sensor is that IR rays are not visitir to human eyes.

Micro-controller continuously monitor the Infrared Receivers, when any object passes through the IR Receiver’s then the IR Rays falling on the receiver are obstructed, this obstruction is sensed by the Microcontroller on the board 1. Microcontrollers must provide real time predictable, though not necessarily fast response to events in the embedded system they are controlling. When the operating voltage is applied the relay coil gets energized and the COM changes contact to NO. A 16×2 LCD display is very basic module and is very commonly used in various devices and circuits.


If adequate heat sinking is provided, they can deliver over 1A output current. Volatile memory RAM for data storage. Do you have question or any feedback about this project? Once the user is finished, they can simply unplug the cable out, the host will detect its absence and automatically unload the driver.

Microcontroller (AT89C51) based Digital Visitor Counter Project

The Arduino board comes with either 1 of 2 microcontroller chips, the Atmega or the Atmega AT89C51 is an 8-bit microcontroller and belongs to Atmel’s family. This project is not limited to a specific application or a specific operating environment, but it can be easily implemented wherever such an application is needed. Must be two gates, one for entry and another for exit, otherwise it is not possible to count and functions the current status of the people in the room.

This project can be used to count and display the number of visitors entering inside any conference room or seminar hall. A seven segment display is the most basic electronic display device that can display digits from The data register stores the data to be displayed on the LCD.

Chapter 6 explains the results and project outputs. For low voltage applications, more preference will be given to reduce the noise of the whole circuit. We would like to thank our Director Dr. By this function all the faults during transmission and reception can be detected and isolated. Does the project, bidirectional visitor counter works for same entery and exit point????????????

Because it is easy to use, easy to buy, as popular applications, and it is also cheap. In this LCD each character is displayed in 5×7 pixel matrix.

Last Drivers  TSX AEY 414 PDF

The other two terminals are needed for the coil. Thus the relay becomes de-energized and thus in off position.

Interface GPS with Arduino. Typically these interpreters support interactive programming.

Automatic bidirectional visitor counter using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51)

Depending on the device, the program memory may be permanent, read-only memory that can only be programmed at the factory, or it may be field-alterable flasher erasable read-only memory. This makes the USB a plug-and-play interface between a computer and add-on devices. One had an erasable EPROM program memory, with a transparent quartz window in the lid of the package digltal allow it to be erased by exposure to ultraviolet light, often used for prototyping.

Microcontrollr 2 explains the power supply used in this project.

Bidirectional Visitor Counter

Serial is used for communication between the Arduino board and a computer or other devices. Therefore, utilization of these resources for power supply is the best possible way of producing, conserving and renewing energy, which is advantageous as it is pollution free, affordable, and free from environmental impacts.

Such LEDs are usually made of gallium arsenide or aluminum gallium arsenide. We would like to thank Dr. When the IR receiver does not receive a signal, the potential at the inverting input goes higher than that non-inverting input of the comparator IC LM Chapter 7 introduces proposed future work and conclusions and then the bibliography.

Microcontroller architectures vary widely. All the components required are readily available in the market and the circuit is easy to build.