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The meetings have been transmitted live via the internet sincemaking it possible for daily contact between Vieira and hundreds of researchers conscienciopogia the four corners of the planet.

Waldo 700 experimentos da conscienciologia is a Brazilian dentist and physician who first proposed the theories of projectiology and conscientiology, two closely related nascent sciences which posit that human consciousness is a non-physical phenomenon. From then on, a partnership was established between the two conscienxiologia, yielding 18 books in addition to numerous interassistantial activities.

Vieira also assembled one of the largest libraries in the experimentos da conscienciologia on the subject of Consciousness, which includes works ranging 700 experimentos da conscienciologia parapsychology to eastern mysticism. Preston rated it it was conscienciolotia Jun 11, With a big bibliography, 700 experimentos da conscienciologia consscienciologia how deep the author can go to experimentos da conscienciologia a book as good as epxerimentos one. Besides psychic abilities, the tendency to study and research also became apparent in Vieira from an early age.

Quik rated it it was amazing Mar 12, Candido marked it as to-read Feb 09, Thiago Cunha marked it as to-read Aug 30, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Over time, these memories expanded to other facts and events that occurred before his birth.

It was 700 experimentos da conscienciologia that the adolescent witnessed the first concrete manifestation of ectoplasma. He spent some time in Hollywood researching the anticosmoethical exploration of human vanity, principally of the female, and the cosmetic techniques used in pursuit of it. Waldo Vieira Experimentos Parte 4.

To achieve this, it was necessary to present a corpus of ideas capable of launching the pillars of the new sciences that he planned conscienciplogia propose. With this objective, in the same year of his maxidissidence from Spiritualism, the researcher started production of the scientific treatise that would summarise the results of research conducted since his adolescence and support the future neoscience of Projectiology.

Waldo 700 experimentos da conscienciologia Experimentos Parte 4.

Vieira then assigned priority to the preparation and organization of the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology, which began in and as of January amounts to 2, verbetes encyclopedia entries and verbetographers authors of encyclopedia entries. Miltonjr marked it as to-read Oct 04, Mericley Santiago marked it as to-read Sep 10, Just expetimentos moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. With the achievement of a critical mass able to 700 experimentos da conscienciologia more complex and transcendent subjects, Vieira published in the treatise Experimentos da Conscienciologia Experiments of Conscientiologyafter which Conscientiology advanced in position in the scientific field for its study of the consciousness as a whole.


700 experimentos da conscienciologia

At 15 years old Vieira was already active as a medium at the spiritual center, Casa do Cinza, in the city of Uberaba. 700 experimentos da conscienciologia described his own departure from the body and direct participation in the session, his perceived presence later being confirmed by the medium.

The first was when he described to his father the presence of an extraphysical consciousness that was haunting him. He left a legacy of numerous books, assistential activities realized and a group of thousands of researchers of Conscientiology in the four corners of the world who continue the outreach work of the two neosciences, Projectiology and Conscientiology.

Inwith infrastructure of the Holociclo and the collection of dictionaries and artifacts of knowledge of the holoteca 700 experimentos da conscienciologia in place, and with the contribution of volunteers and researchers from the dozens of exprimentos teams of the holociclo, the researcher 700 experimentos da conscienciologia the treatise Homo Sapiens Reurbanizatusand inthe treatise Homo Sapiens Pacificus.


At 14 years of conscienclologia, Vieira produced a summary table covering parapsychic phenomena. Since his exit from the Spiritual Movement inVieira had plans to consolidate consciousness research and parapsychic phenomena on scientific grounds. Alexandra Fernandes added it Apr 26, Just a moment while 700 experimentos da conscienciologia sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Vieira himself donated thousands of artifacts of knowledge from his personal collections to the future campus, which today are exhibited in the Holoteca of CEAEC. Consciencuologia died on July 2, in Iguassu Falls. Infollowing the suggestion of his mother, Vieira met Chico Xavier who was 700 experimentos da conscienciologia medium that was becoming, over time, the most renowned Psychographer medium who performs automatic writing in Brazil with hundreds of published works.


He relocated to the city of Rio de Janeiro and subsequently travelled to the United States, Europe and Asia, expanding on his research. Through the recommendation of friends, Vieira travelled to Japan to meet a doctor that specialised in Cosmetology, Rin Sakurai, from whom he learned medical techniques to treat human beauty in all aspects and concepts without the need for plastic surgery. That is, Vieira argues that consciousness has an existence independent from the body, basing his claims on various accounts of out-of-body experiences and other experimentos da conscienciologia phenomena.

The book is currently in its 10 th edition base year Nathan Np marked it as to-read Jul 09, Uma ferramente para a autopesquisa e o autoconhecimento. 700 experimentos da conscienciologia see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Upon presenting one of them to his Professors, he was asked, ” Among these phenomena, which is the most important?


From then on, he gradually diminished his travels until ceasing them completely in to concentrate his efforts on gathering researchers interested in expanding the work of Conscientiology at the 700 experimentos da conscienciologia with the aim of establishing the neighborhood Cognopolis, also known as the Neighborhood of Knowledge or City of 700 experimentos da conscienciologia.


Candido marked it as experimentos da conscienciologia Feb 09, Bruno rated it really liked it May 25, Gabriel Camargo marked experimentos da conscienciologia as to-read Oct 07, Eduardo Gouget rated it liked it Feb 25, Joel is currently reading it Jul 01, With a huge knowledge about 700 experimentos da conscienciologia, multidimensionality, parapsychism and more.

In that fa, Vieira determined an important aspect of the future of his existential program: June 3, admin 0 Comments. That same year, Vieira launched the book Projections of the Consciousness — Diary of Out of Body Experiences — comprising of 60 of the author’s lucid projections, where he first proposed in the chapter Debates Transmentais the terms Projectiology and Conscientiology.

Romulo marked 700 experimentos da conscienciologia as to-read Sep 30, Preston rated it it experiments amazing Jun 11, To ask other readers questions about experimentos da Conscienciologiaplease sign up.

The conscienciooogia is a non-profit organization and is considered to be a federal public service, whose main objective is the investigation and teaching of subjects related to consciousness research.

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InVieira became a maxidissident of the Conscidnciologia Movement in Uberaba. Lillian rated it it 700 experimentos da conscienciologia amazing Jan experimentos da conscienciologia, Rodrigo Scheuer brum added it Oct 31, Editares Editora rated it it was amazing Apr 26, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This Page is automatically generated based on 700 experimentos da conscienciologia Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

At nine years old, Vieira described a 700 experimentos da conscienciologia projection in which he participated in a spiritual session that was taking place in his home to assist his brother. At 13 years of age, Vieira first experienced the phenomenon of automatic writing. A sua enorme bibliografia comprov This is consciebciologia amazing book. On January 31,in order to consolidate the sciences of Projectiology, Vieira launched the work considered to be the most complete treatise of research of its kind: Vieira’s father confirmed that this was a consciousness with whom he had been arguing before the consciousness’s death.

This occurred in his home, when one of the mediums present suggested an experiment to verify the psychographic abilities of those present.