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Bipolar (BJT) Transistor PNP 40V mA mW Through Hole TO 2. Philips Semiconductors. Product specification. PNP switching transistors. 2N; 2NA. FEATURES. • High current (max. mA). • Low voltage ( max. The 2N from Multicomp is a through hole, silicon planar PNP low power bipolar transistors in TO metal can package. This are general purpose transistor.

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Mar 11, 4. I need SMT versions of 2n and 2n transistors. If the schematic is correct and all the wiring is correct, then why doesn’t it work?

Bottom line, at this point, I don’t 2h2905 that I would trust the RS product to be what it is labeled. All you have to do is satisfy the parameters of the load each transistor drives.

I will try the alternate resistors next time I can get to a radioshack. The Black Friday Breakdown You’ve been waiting n22905 year to get your hands on some hot new components, and now’s the best time!

PNP small-signal type amplifying transistor, similar to 2N Mar 18, Mar 11, 5. Which Equation to use? I have no idea whether the triggers are wired in series or parallel, which could make a difference. Not planning ahead for such contingincies might find you creating a whole new board. Mar 18, 9.


The 2N clearly says 2N, not “like” or “similar to” 2N And could 2n replace 2n? Which battery to use?

Which SMT transistors to use? | All About Circuits

I received the transistors and made a circuit board. Which multiplexor to use? Heres the circuit 22n905 will be for. Look for the current carefully. Mar 19, Mar 11, 6. I’ve never had to pay a shipping charge from RS, only “schlepping charge”; aka the cost of getting there and back One has to inspect the transistors in the assortment, look up the datasheets, and test them.

The PNP link says, “Your source for transistors. The RS resistors have been extremely consistent in their values over the years.

Jan 18, 6, 1, Interfaces for Computer-Controlled Test Systems A short introduction to some of the more popular interfaces used to connect test instruments to computers. You DID use two diodes in series for the two D1’s, right? Posted by woolerland in forum: Posted by LucasSaavedra in forum: Some of the transistors might actually BE PN transistors. You May Also Like: If the transistor will handle the voltage and current, then many substitutes are possible.


That’s quite a conundrum. Are they rated for at least 10v? Could it be the capacitors?

PNP, Met, 60V 500mA, GP Amp & Sw – 2N2905

They are rated for quite a bit more power than 2N’s and 2N’s. If you clip and bend TO leads, you can stick them on a set of smt pads.

The 1uF is 35v and the 0. Try hooking up the right 2n295 like you have the left hooked up. Which SMT transistors to use?

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The transistors I have are sot, I have the correct wires going to the correct places on the transistors base, collector, emitter. It looks to me n22905 the E and C connections to the right trigger may be reversed in the schematic. If they are used as saturated switches, though, this is not as large a problem as it would be if they were operating in the linear region.