I see TechLink will no longer be accessed by the public ending with the Oct 05 issue. Quote Originally Posted by White C5 Coupe. slls. Click to Download TechLink PDF · PDF Archives Hunter RFB. Copyright© General Motors All rights reserved. TechLink · Proudly powered by WordPress. Source: GM Techlink Date: January Subject: Head-Up Display Conditions Models: – Chevrolet Corvette A Head-Up Display (HUD) (Fig.

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Even here in Utah we have some customers that store their vehicles in a garage and will not have a problem starting on CNG. Welcome Guest, is this your First Visit? The extent of the “ghosting” can be helpful in determining if the vehicle has the proper windshield.

It talks to practically every module in the car. Sometimes my Cavalier won’t start on cng if big hurry to turn engine over. Head-Up Display Conditions Models: There also is a tab on the back of the IPC that positions it on the steering column bracket.

Do you have to manually select CNG after it is started each time or 1999 it default to some switch position? GM’s Barra about to get dozens of heartfelt letters from kids The IPC has been found to be very reliable and not the likely cause of a system malfunction in most techlin. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol should be used to clean the lens.

– Corvette: GM TechLink Article: No Fob Detected Message

In addition to techlinkk the gage readings of the Corvette, the IPC is the primary display unit for other systems in the vehicle that require display functions, such as warning indicators, the odometer, fuel consumption data, the trip computer and various security functions. Many IPC malfunctions may be the result of faulty wiring and connectors.


AC, Heating and Ventilation 3. Help Contact Us Go to top.


Definitely an interesting post, unfortunately I believe the 6. If the gages sweep, the cluster is operating properly and the problem is elsewhere in the fuel system. Also, appears that Chevy making the truck more “user friendly” to also immediately start on petrol until it’s warmed up then switch on it’s own to cng if techoink.

If inspected closely, there mg to be two similar images; this is often described as a “ghost” image. And when that information is not presented correctly, it’s probably tempting to suggest replacing the IPC.

Mon, Jul 21, at 9: General Motors bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, not a “do-it-yourselfer”. But texhlink you do, it’s important to perform all the necessary diagnostics and understand that the IPC doesn’t control all of the information it displays.

Engine – Drivetrain This system looks like it is giving you CNG pressure only on a limited led readout. Using a scan tool, the voltage gage can be recalibrated with a new calibration that is available to better match the readouts between the analog and hm voltage gauges.

While selling this vehicle techlinkk the dealership already converted is a step in the right direction for this industry, its still more economical for you to buy and have it converted from an authorized installer.

The IPC monitors information from many other control modules on the Class 2 serial data line. Interior Parts and Trim Likely more pollution for petrol cold start, but vm the “cycle” time that would have been required if both ECM’s had to check if cng fuel was available ie Cavalier has several seconds wait time once key is in on position.


A scan tool can be used to sweep the gages and test their function. Add Thread to del. Be the first to post a comment.

I am getting to feel more isolated from GM, sign of the times I guess. Do American luxury brands have a future?

Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions and know-how to do a job properly and safely. Electrical and IgnitionElectrical and Ignition. On a new vehicle, the HUD image may be poor or hazy. Corvette Action Center Knowledgebase. I also don’t like the lack of intergration of the fuel level into the vehicles fuel gauge.

GM Techlink — Bi-Fuel Truck – Natural Gas Vehicle Owner Community

Originally Posted by slls. Subscribe to Knowledge Base Get notified when new articles are added to the knowledge base. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. This article has been viewed times. Engine – Drivetrain If a vehicle comes to the dealership with improperly working gages, check the PCM and other control modules that send data to the IPC for proper communication. Tires tevhlink Wheels