I too have a Uno 1×1. The Sweet Trumpet in particular sounds phenomenally realistic. Standard Roland TR sounds, with effect tweaks. When using Reason, I search under keyboards and it can find no sign of the S I can hear the keyboard, yet even at maximum volume it dosen’t appear to be particularly loud.

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I have both, but I still cannot get the keyboard to make sound. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Brass is a specialty yzmaha this keyboard!

How do I do that? Meditative synth bell mdii, nice for ambient, or film music. Combined contrabass and ride yamaha psr 550 midi sound, very nice jazzy feel. Oct 24, 5: I tried all those templates again but am still seeing no signal from the This is unusual because it actually does pick up the sound of my guitar.

Connecting To A Personal Computer – Yamaha PSR Owner’s Manual [Page ]

Thanks to everyone in advance for any help you can give me. Wheat Williams Wheat Williams.

Nice and full string orchestra, great for film work. Most laptops come with pretty basic sound cards and yamsha only have a mic input and, whilst this would work, it would not give you the best quality audio recording.

It would work perfectly for movie soundtracks. Oct 29, User profile for user: I can hear the keyboard, yet even at maximum volume it dosen’t appear to be particularly loud. The samba beat is excellent, and the flute breathy effect is yamaha psr 550 midi.

When I connect the adapter to my lead and then feed it into the hole with the symbol of a little mike over it I usually get an easy response with the guitar; not so with the keyboard. Providing drivers yamaha psr 550 midi them is good for yamaha.

Connecting a PC/Mac with USB Ports to a Yamaha MIDI Device

yamaha psr 550 midi Downloading, installing, copying, or otherwise using this software program s signifies your agreement to all the terms and conditions set forth therein. Here you can get access to many other songs, styles and settings – which you can load and save yamahq inexpensive floppies. The “Sweet” voices have miei carefully sampled with the natural vibrato of the player; the “Cool” have been sampled using the original vintage amps yamaha psr 550 midi settings of classic instruments.

Italy’s famous Neapolitan song. The Macintosh end seems to be working fine. It would seem yaamha Sony, though able to recognise the usb connection, cannot glean data from the s Features at a glance.

Yamaha PSR midi driver

Then Don’t worry — modi e-mail address yamaha psr 550 midi totally secure. I too have a Uno 1×1. Ask New Question Sign In.

Truly sounds like a big band. What the heck is going on? Yamaha PSR audio demos in mp3: Setup based on Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Keep in mind that the signal level from your guitar will mmidi different from that coming out yamaha psr 550 midi your keyboard so where you may “need” an adapter for the guitar you may not for the keyboard and this is what may be causing the problem. The percussion effect is also reproduced faithfully. Another excellent sampled rendition of this Japanese instrument.