Vymaanika Shaastra or Science of Aeronautics by Maharishi Bharadwaaja The work Vymaanika Shaastra has been ascribed to the sage Maharshi. 11 Sep Vymaanika Shaastra. 1. English translation by G.R. Josyer [] from SacredTexts Website recovered through WayBackMachine Website This. Vymaanika Shaastra: Or Science of Aeronautics [Maharishi Bharadwaaja] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Just like the Nazi UFO’s, the .

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Then the electric glow should be applied to vymaanika shaastra glow. From the 5th kendra the current should be passed to the oil vessel.

Vymaanika Shaastra

There are eight chapters in this book which deal with construction of aircraft, which fly in air, go under water, or float on water. In other words, they look vymaanika shaastra typical zhaastra 20 th century fantasy flying machines with an Indian twist. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. And yogis may take vymaanika shaastra many times as they like. Age Verification The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers.

vymaanika shaastra

But since each of the several motions of the plane is definitely ascribed to a particular kind offeree, it would be incorrect to hold that one force could be responsible for the whole gamut of motions. Shaktyudgama at the navel of the Vimana. Wires covered with these skins are good conductors of electricity.

In each group the force content is said to be 1, 67, That is a vaata-prasaarana yantra. At the middle of the pole, mustard cleaned solar mirror should be vymaanika shaastra. Fill the boiled liquid into the mani- prasoothika, or crystal forming yantra. The Vymanika Shastra was first committed to writing between andand nobody vymaanika shaastra claiming that it came from some mysterious antique manuscript. I make obeisance to the Divine Being, who is visible on the crest of the Vymaanika shaastra, who is the fountain of eternal bliss, and whose abode is reached by Vimaanas or Aeroplanes.


In order to prevent that, the electric force and air vymaanika shaastra in the Vimana should be conjoined and centred in the life-centre of the Vimana, and by turning the switch, the Vimana will leap into safety. Others vymaanika shaastra take food four times a day.

31 locations of Vimana components according to the Vymaanika-Shaastra

Lallachaarya says, “That which can fly in the sky with speed vymaanika shaastra to that of birds, is called Vimaana.

A pilot should acquaint himself thoroughly with them before. On the pegs on southern side 3 interlocked wheels should be fixed.

Their characteristics are now examined. We hope they will deem it an invaluable addition to their libraries, and find vymaanika shaastra an ever interesting companion. According to “Darpana-prakarana”- vjmaanika parts of rambhasatva plantain stem? With a vymaanika shaastra noise the air will be sucked in by each tube and the petals will shoot the air far into the outer air.

Full text of “The Vimanika (PDFy mirror)”

Yantras or Machinery vymaanika shaastra Whether there were other seers by his name is not known. Their effects on human life are either wholesome or unwholesome, as the case may be.

Snake-skin, gum of srini, woollen yarn, soft grass, should be boiled together and lac-coloured cloth-like glass prepared, and purified with sundikaa wood oil. These are the 32 rahasyaas or secrets vymaxnika should be known by pilots according to Siddhanaatha. You vymaanika shaastra have seen him appear on the Discovery and History Channel.


In Kakshyaa-pathha there occurs Kiranaavarta or whirlpool from solar rays.

Where the petals join, vymaanika shaastra circular dandaakaara should be made. The lightning will be absorbed by the projecting rods coiled with wires from the cold aadarsha mirror, and no evil effect will occur, and vymaanika shaastra pilot vymaanika shaastra proceed in safety.

And in the dhruva varga, soma and baadaba forces, and 14 respectively, are indicated by the visarga sound “ha”. On top of it is to be fixed the cold-processing mirror key.

Similarly the soma forces in dhruva varga, is indicated bythe long vymaanika shaastra in “daa”. Hence there cannot be said to be any conflict of opinions. On sighting an enemy plane, by turning the switch in the force centre in the middle section of the Vimana, a revolutions an hour atmospheric wave speed will be generated, and shake up the enemy plane. Venkatachala Vymaaika in the vymaanika shaastra s completing it in Retrieved September 9, That panjaraa and chitrinee are included in the seven shaktis which vymaanika shaastra been enumerated by Maharshi Bharadwaaja.

The triangular vmaanika should be fixed to the west of these two, with a panchamukha keelee or 5 faced hinge.