16 Aug The Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra also called the Vimalakirti Sutra, probably was written nearly 2, years ago. Yet it retains its freshness and. 23 Jun VIMALAKIRTI NIRDESA SUTRA Ebook cover The Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa Sūtra or Vimalakīrti Sūtra translated by Robert A. F. Thurman is a. Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra. Home → Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra. Download (PDF, KB). Join us in benefitting others. Support our work! Let’s do this together, you .

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Hence, their titles of Samyaksambuddha, Tathagata and Buddha.


This is how a Bodhisattva should look at living beings. He is equal to reality and to the nature of Dharma Dharmata and cannot be designated and estimated, for he is beyond figuring and measuring.

He does not come from the union of the six entrances i. In future, if there are virtuous men and women who seek for Mahayana, I shall see to it that this sutra will be placed in their hands, and shall use vimalakieti power to make them remember it so that they can receive, keep, read, recite and proclaim it widely.

If you do not know their propensities, do not teach them Hinayana. Vimalakirti came and asked me: It is like an illusion being produced by inverted thoughts.

When the meeting ended seven days later, Vimalakirti came and said to me: Their speeches were profound and unsurpassed. Like the past before the four elements came into being and the future when they scatter away which are both void, the present when they appear is also void. Nirdeea to the Bodhisattva, although he disappears in one place he does not put an end to his good deedsand although he reappears in another he prevents evils from arising.

The Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra

I surta bowed my head at his feet and took out my priceless necklace of precious stones, which I offered to him but he refused it. Or did you receive it in the absolute state thatness or tathata of either birth or death?

Because if the underlying nature of body is perceived, no conception of existing body and its nirvanic condition will arise, for both are fundamentally non-dual, not being two different things. Ananda, sravakas who have not reached the right position nirvana will attain it after taking ivmalakirti rice which will then be digestible, and those who have attained nirvana will realize liberation of their minds from the subtle sytra of nirvana and then the rice will be digested. The Buddha knew of his thought and said to Sariputra: He can neither be pointed out nor spoken of.


Listen carefully and ponder over all what I now tell you.

Vimalakirti Sutra – Wikipedia

Hence, I am not qualified to call on Vimalakirti to inquire after his health. This is also like seeds scattered in the void, which do not grow, but if they are planted in manured fields they will yield good harvests. For he has reached reality, and is a skillful teacher of the essential aspects of the Dharma.

You should know that all things are illusory, having neither nature of their own nor that of something else, and that since fundamentally, they are not self-existent, they cannot now be the subject of annihilation. Although he practices the doctrine of not creating and not annihilating things dharmahe still embellishes his body with the excellent physical marks of the Buddha; this is Bodhisattva conduct.

Neither is He seen in responsiveness vedanaconception sanjna vimalzkirti, discrimination samskara and consciousness vimalakirt i. The ten evils its ten seeds. They could not be gauged, for they were beyond all measures. If you receive it in gimalakirti absolute state of birth, this absolute state is uncreated.

He has been asked a question in a particular context [ For once nirdeea sons of the elders at Vaisali came to my place and bowed to salute me, saying: When visiting a school he enlightened the students. Joy in nirvana and sadness in samsara are a duality which vanishes when there is no longer joy and sadness. He is now a Buddha called the Tathagata Precious Flame and his one thousand sons are the thousand Buddhas vimalakirrti the present Bhadrakalpa the virtuous aeon whose first Buddha was Krakucchanda and last Buddha was Rucika.

Zutra which is neither worldly nor saintly is Bodhisattva development into Buddhahood. They are inner and outer views beyond which there is nothing. The body, though ill, is not to be annihilated; this is the nirdsea method for remaining in the world to work for salvation. The Zen tradition is avowedly the Buddhism of Vimalakirti’s silence—a claim that is explicitly reinforced by the practice of silent meditation.


Bhiksu Lunar Canopy was myself. Further, Sariputra, this Bodhisattva can show through one of his pores all offerings to the Buddhas by living beings in the ten directions.

First, using temptation to hook them, he then leads them to the Buddha wisdom. They were able to turn the wheel of the Law that never turns back.

They had amassed all treasures of the Dharma and acted like skillful seafaring pilots. Will you please protect us? Are you frightened when the Tathagata makes an illusory man ask you questions? They are the three realms of desire, form and beyond form.

The Chinese version has three versions, of which the Kumarajiva version is the most famous. If he fails to do so, his practice lacks wisdom and is ineffective. To those who want to tread the wide path, do not show narrow tracks. Thereupon, Sakra who was in the assembly, said to the Buddha: The Buddha then said to Sakra: Further, when the worlds in the ten directions come to an end through destruction by fires, this Bodhisattva can breathe in these fires into his own belly without being bimalakirti by them while they continue to burn without change.

Now that he knows the source of his illness, he should forsake the concept of an ego and a living being.

Subscription required using via Pages containing links to subscription-only content Articles containing Sanskrit-language text Articles containing Standard Tibetan-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from August The Tathagata is not created by the four elements vimalakirt, water, fire and airfor He is immaterial like space.

For expounding, it is beyond speech and indication, and listening to it is above hearing and grasping. Ananda, do not slander the Tathagata and do not let other people hear such coarse language. The defeat of demons is the bodhimandala, for it is imperturbable.