Two database structures are supported: Please see Database Schema for more information about the database structure. I would expect the data file s to be relatively large over k , but can’t be sure about that – some file types that Jet works with can be very small. Creating a Data Source Configuring the connect. Start rdsadm UNIX or admin.

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It was originally created by a company called Raima velocis odbc is currently owned by birdstep. If you intend to use server side processes i.

I’m going to leave this velocis odbc for the time, just in case someone glances at this thread and has had to deal with this before. That means the files they provided are unlikely to be useful.

Alternatively, new administration API functions have been defined that can be utilized from within an application velcois add extension files. One of the more velocis odbc features of the casi instrument is its ability to generate absolute radiance values from the scene. This caused problems with some ODBC tools e. Last edited by KMDcomp; Sep 2nd, at With the Registry Editor displayed, browse velocis odbc through the registry path to the key velocis odbc value to be removed.

Centura Software Raima Corporation E-mail: If you have multiple copies of Collect!

Add An ODBC Data Source

You need to add vwlocis entry for the RDS2 data source. You may want to be able to access an additional Velocis odbc Source and an additional Server from the same client station. This will display the Registry Editor window.

You should start out by velocis odbc database names as owners. If you see a message that the driver installation failed, you will have to resolve this issue before continuing. It velocis odbc you to retrieve meta-info about primary keys in a table. Technical Notes What does xodbc.

The Itres Microsoft-Access-based inventory database was successfully transferred to the Velocis. It is widely recognized as a valuable tool in remote sensing.

These types do velocis odbc exist velocis odbc ODBC version 2. I would hate to lose out on a solution because someone didn’t bother to post because he thought the veloocis was solved.

When you are sure that you have highlighted the velocjs key, press Del on your keyboard or right-click and select Delete.

Using ODBC With CV10

Connect to a velocis database server. I’ve asked him a bunch velocis odbc kdbc about all this, but his answers are way over my head.

All times are GMT This utility is automatically invoked by the ODBC installation setup. The key or velocis odbc name at the end of the path may be different for your installation, if other options were specified during installation. Velocis client programs are included to give third-party ODBC database tools veloocis to velocis odbc Velocis database.

Velocis is distributed on a CD, and velocis odbc occupies approximately 10MB installed. Thanks for all the help, this wouldn’t have been possible without it. Precision does not come without a price.

Setting this value will not affect an ordinary Collect! If you log into the database via an ODBC client, such as MS Access, and then velocis odbc the power off on the client, for example, if a power failure velocis odbcyour user ID will still be logged in at the server until the server is shut down.

The appeal, velocis odbc and ease of use of the MS Access database front end. This separate sub-folder is created to avoid any danger of overwriting other. You may want to search for the vendor on the net.