the basics of constructing a simple roadway project using Terramodel. We will detail your alignment conforms to this tutorial and you therefore achieve the. Training Guide, Basic Terramodel Concepts. It applies to version of the. Terramodel® software. The following limited warranties give you specific legal. This is the terramodel manual. by muhamadsadiq

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The view resolution segments per arc, spline, spiral and vertical curve tutkrial not only the resolution on the display but also profile extraction from a DTM and similar functions. Separate Continents from Oceans This can be done using the “Threshold” filter: If you have only labels on index contours, and the tolerance is too large, some unlabelled contours will be assigned elevations.

DDIST uses two command bars that define the information required for the two tutoriao arcs to be intersected.


Hi guys, thanks for a quick response on this. Break sets and plines containing straights or arcs into segments.

Move a reference boundary relative to fixed boundary objects bounded area equals the adjusted area. ASC files can be exported from Civilcad versions 4 and 5. In the standard Trimble installation of Terramodel, function keys include: PLOTSET maintains an independent plotting resolution that enables you to plot curves to the plotter more smoothly than is terrwmodel required for display.

Create up to four new attribute records for an object: The default height is 0. Tutoiral purge more than block definitions, or purge blocks nested in other unused blocks, repeat the Purge. If the file contains any new layers, you terrwmodel prompted whether to import new layers or import only the layer lists and retain the pre-existing layers.


To convert your feature code list into an. Also plate boundaries have been added. Target file Specify an export file location or name e.

Terrasolid offers new tools to analyse the road surface and design a resurfacing model to optimize the tutoral and filling to be used in the machine control unit. DXF data that have varying elevations, import as points and sets; polylines with single elevations import as plines. This should not be used with a north arrow but could terrqmodel used with other symbols to keep them oriented upright on the final plotted sheets.

This method moves each point based on the condition at the match line. INI, that section is removed. ADC format that is used by AutoDraft and cannot be edited with a text editor.

Elevations can be included.

DMS data in ddd. Modify the elevation of selected points by projecting them vertically to an imaginary plane surface. The file format is Chainage, Offset, Elevation, Grade, String Description, [all fields except the chainage are repeated on the same line for every intersecting string].

TML List of Terramodel commands available from Geocomp Systems

The volumes are obtained by using the average-end-area method, where the area of a closed contour is determined, then averaged with an adjacent contour, and multiplied by the contour interval to obtain an incremental volume. CSV when you have more than nine point pairs or point pairs are supplied in a spreadsheet. CLT must be in one of the following three formats: If you have checked “Protect Pn in Use From Deletion” in Point Settings your points will remain intact if you have selected the points for deletion but not the attached set.


DTM Digital terrain model layer. VAL Specify a vertical alignment.


The pavement difference is the surveyed elevation minus design elevation measured vertically. The initial filter box is of the specified length and width and is orientated to the first segment. The cut and fill slope values of the chords match the values of the arcs. If the specified vertical angle is other than a vertical distance, the implied slope will be multiplied by the distance between the points, and the resulting change in elevation will be added to the elevation of the reference point to compute the elevation of the selected point.

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To force a change, tick “Do all”. Contains proxy objects created by third-party software. Select a pline segment for the major axis, the width of the minor axis and the number of segments in the pline. The batter report shows point number, chainage, offset, design elevation, surveyed elevation, difference, an indication when out of tolerance, point name, and prompts whether to include the horizontal offset to the batter.

The objects are created at distances, elevations and offsets, along a reference line selected from the Plan view, equal to their X, Y and Z coordinates in the Elevation view. Layer name mapping file Specify a layer name mapping file with extension.