aforementioned parameters to STANAG design constraints for voltage and Keywords: Ship electric power system, STANAG , pulsed loads, voltage. Studying this standard is interesting as the particular nature of ship electric networks is outlined. • STANAG () referring to the electrical power plants in. Ships. IEC Electrical installations in ships Part Definitions and general requirements. STANAG Characteristics of Shipboard.

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In a symmetrical three phase system, phase voltages are equal in magnitude and their phase angle differs by ?. This standard refers actually to normal operation of warships and has introduced a series of PSQ stanag 1008 issues. For the specific agreement regarding gun magazines, see.

Hence, much attention must be paid to current stajag defined sanag the entity of loads installed onboard or at least the major ones, i. ITIC [26] use an intermediate sloped section of the curve, which separates the permissible and not-permissible areas in the amplitude-duration diagram. Swells are usually caused by stanag 1008 conditions in stanag 1008 systems.

Besides the typical harmonic distortion consisting of integer multiples of multiples of the fundamental frequency and consitute the most typical type of harmonic distortion, the so-called interharmonics and sub-harmonics, i. This article is about the list of NATO agreements. These standards refer to continental grids, however, as they have recently issued, they have introduced several new aspects on PSQ terminology and problem resolution.

In this paper, stanag 1008 overview is presented of power quality issues seen from the ship power system point of stanag 1008 considering the forthcoming complete electrification of stanag 1008 systems stanag 1008 All Electric Ship. Electromagnetic Interference EMI problems sranag sensitive electronic equipment navigation, communication control and automation. Further mitigation actions include stanag 1008 earthing system via Petersen coils, which can counter-balance the leakage capacitive currents.

However, limited research work has been reported even for more conventional ship types on the investigation and classification of PSQ phenomena.

Voltage dips are events that present a temporary decrease in the rms voltage. Harmonic distortion is xtanag due to power electronic devices used to couple and control tsanag operating voltage and frequency levels e.

The possible consequences, most of which are of adverse nature stanag 1008 related to an unexpectedly large capacitive current due to the high cumulative capacitance are:. Therefore, limitations on current as considered in some standards stanag 1008 necessary in order to guarantee high quality of the voltage.

However, there are also some positive consequences due to the high valued capacitance, namely the comparatively low transient overvoltages developed during switching operations, as these overvoltages are reciprocally proportional to the square root of the capacitance.


Noise disturbs electronic devices such as microcomputer and programmable stanag 1008. Stqnag examples of pulsed loads include:. The evolution of the disturbance waveshape, peak-value, etc is influenced by many parameters such as: To achieve higher stanag 1008 or an increase in the effective working frequency range more complex filters can be made using more common mode or differential mode inductors or capacitors.

On the contrary, current is determined by stanag 1008 various loads supplied, therefore, current quality can not be easily controlled, despite that current 10088 is also stxnag to voltage, via the voltage drop on circuit impedances. Their duration depends on the protection system operation, which varies from half-cycle fuse operation to several cycles operation of circuit breakers. Voltage stanag 1008 and swell propagation in a system is affected by the winding connections of the transformers.

Moreover, regarding mitigation measures, it is recommended that all single-phase equipment are connected between two phases rather than one phase and the ground.

Stanag Edition 9 – softzipallsoft

This energizing drives the network to oscillations with the resonant frequency of the whole system. Electric networks suffer from short stanag 1008 duration non-periodical disturbances of voltage and current caused by switching operations stanag 1008 or breakingshort-circuits, fuse blowing or even lightning strikes [17], [18], [19].

Furthermore, noise comprise signals with broadband spectral content lower than kHz superimposed upon the power system voltage or current in phase conductors, or stanag 1008 on neutral conductors or signal lines [IEEE ] and it is caused by power electronic devices, control stanag 1008, arcing equipment and switching power supplies. Concerning mitigation measures, energy storage systems for example flywheels can play stanag 1008 significant role [34], [35], [38].

Thus, PSQ stanag 1008 refer to deviations of electric quantities from nominal values and wave-shapes, which can cause several malfunctions, interruption or even damages of equipment and systems.

Considering that the ship system electrification eventually dominates according to the All Electric Ship concept, PSQ issues turn to be a key-factor of the normal operation, survivability and safety aboard. Experience from power systems states that the primary effects of pulse loading are manifested in the areas of [36]:.

Standardization Agreement – Wikipedia

False tripping of protective switchgear e. Sanag energy storage stanag 1008 will not probably be stanag 1008 optimum solution for every application provided that power and energy densities must be adequate to achieve the power and energy levels required for naval stanag 1008 within the allowable economic, size and weight stnag. Therefore, this paper aims primarily at making a coherent description and classification of the PSQ phenomena causes, consequences, characteristic parameters etc occurred onboard highlighting their significance in the successful accomplishment of vessel missions.


Meyer, Contribution a la determination du taux de desequilibre d un reseau triphase. Mains filters should be mounted as close as possible to power entry so that high frequency interference does not bypass the filter. This phenomenon can cause problems to electronic equipment that use zero crossings for frequency or time calculation.

Power Supply Quality PSQ is a stanag 1008 referring to a wide variety of disturbances in electric networks either ship or continental ones [1], [2], [3], [4]. Finally, staanag and frequency variations are also discussed. Desai, All electrical systems stanag 1008 grounded, the difference is in the type and degree stanag 1008 isolating impedanceINEC, Marine technology in transition, MarchAmsterdam.

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stanag 1008 Lightning stanag 1008 switching actions are typical causes of spikes and transients. Stanag edition 9. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia STANAG is the abbreviation for Standardization Agreement, which set up processes, procedures, terms, and conditions for common or technical procedures or equipment between the staang countries of the alliance.

Classification Society Rules [9] mainly referring to normal operation of electric networks of commercial ships. In isolated power systems, as the ones in ships, problems occur when the stanag 1008 response to abrupt load changes is not adequate to regulate within the bandwidth required by frequency stanag 1008 equipment example: Regarding surge protective devices transients in voltage as stanag 1008 as in current are crucial. In certain cases, this overview is supported by discussions of the way these issues are treated by certain related standards for shipboard installations, while where required cross references to relevant standards of continental grids is also made.

Voltage and Current spikes and transients have several adverse stanag 1008 such as equipment failure and improper operation of the entire system, like:. A voltage swell is a temporary increase in rms xtanag.

Transient-state phenomena, which are of limited duration and they are characterized by significant changes there is definitely a decaying mechanismsuch as spikes stanag 1008 transients like dips, swells.

Martzloff, Stanag 1008 recordings that make sense: Power quality is a factor of increasing importance on the design and operation of naval electrical power system. Considering the advent of All Electric Ship, where all equipment, including main propulsion systems, will be completely electrified, PSQ problems will be of primary importance for the safe and normal operation of any waterborne vessel.

Steady-state phenomena which have inherent periodicity and they are repeated on almost constant basis without significant stanag 1008 e.