For Unix the file is squirrel-sql. Do you know any tool that can be used as a Teradata client that doesnt require installation? I also downloaded the sample code and found there are some options, for example: This allows developers to enhance the functionality of SQuirreL without having to rebuild the SQuirreL application itself. We don’t have any specific plug-ins for Squirrel. Press the OK button to save the driver definition and close the window or the Close button to close the window without saving any changes.

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Scrolling to the bottom of the list of squirrel sql should display our Teradata jar files in our Java classpath.

The figure below shows the results of the query we issued. Basically it’s 2 jar files squirrel sql you need to put into your classpath: Next, we’ll create a table.

Show Tooltips – If checked then tooltips or hints will be shown when the mouse “hovers” over some controls. I was up and running in a matter of 5 minutes. As it is quite likely that the databases you are dealing with will not reside on suirrel same physical machine, SQuirreL client has built in support for using HTTP proxies and SOCKS proxies to interact with databases that might reside somewhere on the Internet.

Squirrel sql assume that your username squirrel sql password are db2admin and db2admin respectively:. Before we start talking about the usage of SQuirreL, let’s hit the DB2 command line processor squirrel sql create a database that we can use to see what SQuirreL can do for us:. Support for the client can be acquired through mailing lists which can one can subscribe to via the SQuirrel Client home page.

macos – Launching Squirrel SQL client on Mac OS – Stack Overflow

SQuirreL Client has the backing of a number of developers who offer their philanthropic coding talent to enhance the application. We’ll go ahead and create an alias for the database we created earlier in this article. Select it in the dropdown and enter your user name and password in the connection squirrel sql, press OK and you should be connected. Have fun and go squirrel sql SQuirreL SQL Client allows for users to install and create plugins that are designed to augment the functionality of the base application.

Using SQuirrel SQL Client with Teradata

See The Driver for more information. Officially, the client supports a myriad of database products, including the major players: This will slow squirrel sql the building of the object tree.

Kulvir Bhogal Published on December 03, Squirrel sql select an existing entry in the dropdown or squirrel sql in the class name of the JDBC driver it can normally be found in the documentation that comes with the driver. The Test button will allow you to attempt to connect to your alias to ensure that the parameters you have entered are correct.

Squirrel sql below, Aql have issued the statement: All of the default driver definitions assume that the JDBC driver classes are in the current class path or in squirrel sql JRE extensions directory consult the documentation for your Java implementation for squirrel sql information on this. The Delete button allows you to remove a jar file or directory from the list. Subscribe me to comment notifications. This is a great, popular SQL client tool and yes, it plays well with Teradata.

SQuirreL SQL Client Home Page

We get it and we’re here to help you with this option as well. The Up and Squirrel sql buttons allow you to change the sequence of the entries. You can also run it by issuing the following command:.

Once again, click sqkirrel green PLUS icon. Squirrel sql detects the existence of db2java. If you need a Teradata database for your development, install our Teradata Express squirrel sql The Name text field specifies an easy to squirrel sql name for the database driver definition and is the text shown in the Drivers List window. On my consulting engagements, I typically find myself interacting with way more databases then I’d prefer If this is not the case you will need to modify the driver definition to point to the jar file or the classes directory that contains these classes.