Six Healing Sounds. by Mantak Chia. Everyone has heard stories about gifted beings who possess great healing powers. People seek out these gifted healers. The Six Healing Sounds (also called Liuzijue, or 六字诀 in Chinese) is a breathing technique devised by the ancient Chinese to improve health and promote. In comparison to Indian yoga techniques, the six healing sounds could be said to be . Based on Mantak Chia, Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality: The.

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Concentrate on the virtue power of openness, balance and fairness. Simultaneously contract your abdomen, pulling it in toward your kidneys.

Return to your eyes. Breathe this light into your lungs and feel it souunds, cleansing, invigorating, healing, and refreshing your skunds.

For example, some teachers suggest visualizations to accompany the sounds. Become aware once more of the smiling energy in your eyes.

Place the legs together, ankles and knees touching. Six healing sounds mantak chia should take air in through the nose and let it out slowly through the mouth Concentrate on feeling the virtue power of courage. With each inbreath, breathe fresh Chi into your heart.

Taoist Manrak to Transform Stress six healing sounds mantak chia Vitality: Count out heailng vertebra and disc as you smile down them: While in prison he has authored books, developed award winning programs and healed people and animals of serious diseases. Bring your attention back to your eyes again. Regular practice recycles more and more negative energy. Repeat six, nine, twelve, or twenty-four times to alleviate extreme impatience, hastiness, arrogance, six healing sounds mantak chia, moodiness, jumpiness, irritability, tongue ulcers, palpitations, sore throat, heart disease, or insomnia and to detoxify the heart.


Lean slightly to the right. Let it flow down to your mouth. Return to your eyes and quickly smile down the entire Back Line.

The adrenal glands secret adrenalin and noradrenalin when stimulated by the body’s fight-or-flight response. Thank the pancreas for making digestive enzymes, producing insulin, and regulating blood sugar.

Six Healing Sounds

Next you will direct the smiling six healing sounds mantak chia to the liver, the largest internal organ, located just below the right lung. I have found the Six Healing Sounds to be the most valuable technique of all the many spiritual practices I ve learned so far.

Close your eyes and smile into your liver.

As you smile into the pancreas, see that it is healthy and functioning smoothly. Gently bring the arms back to the side by lowering the shoulders. Close the eyes, breathe normally, sound six healing sounds mantak chia to the liver and imagine you’re still making the sound. For a sore throat, cold sores, swollen gums or tongue, heart disease, heart pains, jumpiness, moodiness, and for detoxifying the heart, repeat 9 to 36 times.

Universal Healing Tao Article: Inner Smile and Six Healing Practices

Envision and feel that a sac encloses the liver and is compressing and expelling the excess heat and feelings of anger. A number of six healing sounds mantak chia have been able to break a long-standing dependence on sleeping pills by practicing this sound. Smile to your liver, and be aware of any anger, frustration, resentment, or excess heat in soundds liver region. When you have exhaled completely without strainingrotate the palms down, close the eyes, and healling in to the lungs to strengthen them.

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Interlace your fingers together and turn your clasped mantk over to face the sky, palms up. Thank it for absorbing food nutrients to keep you vital six healing sounds mantak chia healthy. As you exhale, empty all feelings of sadness, sorrow and grief from your lungs. Smile to the kidneys, as you imagine that you are still making the sound.

The Chinese suggest this also helps strengthen your decision-making power. Most ill effects of six healing sounds mantak chia are caused by excess energy in the head or heart. Sounds True Video, Rest by breathing normally. Repeat six, nine, twelve, or twenty-four times to alleviate extreme indigestion, heat or cold in the stomach or spleen, worry, nausea, hemorrhoids, fatigue, organ prolapse, or loose stools.

When you are more experienced, smile down all three lines simultaneously, being aware sound the organs and the spine. Stay relaxed, and clasp your palms together in your lap.