Siemens products may only be used for the applications described in the and are described in this manual. 3RW The SIRIUS 3RW44 soft starter is used if. View and Download Siemens 3RW44 manual online. Industrial Control Soft Starters. 3RW44 Control Unit pdf manual download. Siemens SIRIUS 3RW44 Manual Online: Soft Starter Configuration. Configuring: Systematic arrangement of the individual soft starters (structure).

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Standstill detection does not take siemejs in the soft starter and, if required, must be realized by means of external measures. In this case, the display reads “Inside-delta circuit”.

Page “Fieldbus” menu, the parameters set 3r4w4 the siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual starter will be overwritten with the values stored in the GSD etarter or in the OM when the bus is started. Siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual a restart same as after power ONe. Page IP54 degree of protection e. Page Typical circuit diagrams The 3RW soft starter is used for functional switching.

Page 55 Commissioning 6. If the contactor is not connected within ms of activation of the start command for the 3RW44, the soft starter no longer recognizes the current circuit variant standard circuit or inside-delta circuit.

Selecting Display Settings Commissioning 6. The soft starter is integrated into siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual system as a standard slave by means of the GSD file. ID-related diagnostics Identifier-related diagnostics for soft starters is structured as follows: Page During parameterization with mnual GSD file, it is possible to select values that are dependent on each other, but are not permissible in combination.


Page 68 Commissioning 6. Channel-related Diagnostics Up to 9 channel-related diagnostics messages are possible see also station status 3, bit 7.

Soft Starter Configuration – Siemens SIRIUS 3RW44 User Manual [Page ]

For Example Motor Data Commissioning 6. Specifying The Coasting Method Commissioning 6. This data set can accommodate 21 entries.

Enter text from picture: When all locations have been written, the first entry is overwritten again. Structure Of The Slave Diagnostics The length of the diagnostics message frame varies between 13 and 32 bytes. In combination with a set breakaway pulse, this can lead to “incorrect starting conditions”.

Page Alarm bit is updated continually.

Note The “Coasting down” coasting method must be set on the 3RW Page 84 Commissioning 6. Configuration Instructions Configuration instructions Configuration The 3RW44 electronic soft starters are designed for normal starting. Page As long as the connected drive is controlled by the soft starter, no parameter changes carried out at the same time can siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual saved by means of the “Saving options” menu item.

Data Sets bs Functions” https: Page Commissioning 6. Safe disconnection can also be realized, for example, with a 3SK1 safety relay and power contactors. User-specific Commissioning If siemejs are required that differ from the defined parameters in the Quick Start menu or in the factory settings of the 3RW44, please proceed as siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual The motor start can be optimally adapted to each particular application.


Siemens 3RW44 Manual

Page 78 Commissioning 6. Note Otherwise, drives could break away in certain circumstances due siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual existing parameter assignments. Note The “Coasting down” Computerized numerical controller for machine tools pages. Emergency start active The emergency start function is activated.

The level change from 0 to 24 V DC is evaluated at the input. Menu Structure, Navigation, Changing Parameters Commissioning Menu structure, navigation, changing parameters The 3RW44 functions parameterization, diagnostics and motor control can be executed using the four control keys. If a start command is issued during the stop process, the process is interrupted and the motor is started again with the set startup mode. Set values depend on the application in question and must be optimized during commissioning.

The examples given in the FAQ https: Don’t show me this message again. Page 25 – ON time and switching frequency Page 26 – Installation altitude and ambient temper Table Of Contents 6. Special semiconductor fuses, e. This output must siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual used to siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual an external braking contactor.

The dynamic braking torque determines the braking effect at the start of the braking process to reduce the speed of the motor.