The Shamutanti Hills has ratings and 30 reviews. Leo said: Man these books were popular when I was a youngster. If you like a book/role playing game. Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills [Steve Jackson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first adventure of a game, players become wizards. Buy a cheap copy of The Shamutanti Hills book by Steve Jackson. Far away in the land of Kakhabad, chaos is brewing The evil Archimage has stolen the.

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On the night of the Black Moon, the crown was stolen by Birdmen from Xamen and taken to Mampang in Kakhabad where the Archmage of Mampang planned to take Kakhabad as his own kingdom and potentially pose a huge threat to the neighbouring nations who had previously held the crown, the Femphrey Alliance.

I lost my footing and fell to the ground, landing on something hard which turned out to be a human skeleton! May 22, Caleb M. With two dice and a pencil, I turned the pages Aug 04, Dr Zoule added it Shelves: The cover of The Shamutanti Hillsthe first book in the storyline The principal difference is the ability to choose between playing as a warrior or a wizard.

Jann was hovering about my head as I woke, I remain unsure of what his agenda is.

The Shamutanti Hills

Shadows helped me remain undiscovered and they took me to a T-junction where I investigated the path to my right which led me up to a door. The smell was intoxicating and I began to skip, feeling light-headed and full shamutantl merriment, Jann also seeming to lose it too as he grinned with glee. The series features strong continuity: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

hillls A guardian once, but now his lot: I was also given a Bomba Apple, a fruit which would double the Stamina gain I got from whatever meal I chose to eat it with.

Contents [ show ].

Better than i remember from when i read this as a kid! The Shamutanti Hills Fighting Fantasy: Submerged into pitch black surroundings at the bottom of the cave the Svinns decided to help me and threw down some flint and tinder so I could light my way. Your fi Far away in the land of Kakhabad, chaos is brewing Leading away from Birritani were two paths heading west and east, I chose to climb up into the hills further by taking the easterly path.


Preparing to leave Analand through the Cantopani Gate I was met by well-wishers, fully shajutanti of my mission. Open Preview See a Problem?

I sold them and regretted the decision almost instantly, so Shamjtanti was excited to be able to request the first book in the series through our library’s new Outerlibrary Loan service. Must go back and re-read them to make a proper review. Each title also features shamutantii images at the bottom of each page, making it possible for the player to randomly “flick” through the pages for the equivalent of a dice roll.

They were published by Myriador in and respectively, [3] and reissued in pdf format by Greywood Publishing in I loved these books as a kid. Resources such as rations have to be carefully husbanded.

Oct 11, Leo. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Penned by Steve Jackson, one of the co-creators of the Fighting Fantasy series, it was intended to be read by older readers. The path out of Torrepani led me down the remaining descent of the Shamutanti Hills, across rice fields and towards the walled city of Khare… My adventure will continue in book two soon! Occasionally, though, amongst the scuttles of coal, a gem emerges.

We must also remember that as this is a multi-part story, your character passes over from one book to the next. Ambientazione nella media, arricchita dalla presenza di diversi villaggi ben caratterizzati.

But then, it became apparent that we were being watched. I went through this 4 times, picking different ways each time and I’m sure I’ve figured out the ‘best’ path. Huts were falling down and their inhabitants seemed in a bad way, limbs missing, leathery skin and sunken eyes.

I would really love have 12 again and start the Journey one more time. The ultimate quest is to recover the stolen Crown of Kings from the Archmage, but at this stage of the adventure such considerations are far distant. There is a D20 System conversion by Myriador called Sorcery 1: The quest itself is divided between the four titles in the series:. On the way down from this un-named cess-pit of a village was the far more pleasant sight of a pretty, prosperous looking village nestling at the bottom of three hills.


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My beverage was tasty and refreshing, restoring a point of Stamina and also a point of Luck as apparently the woman had assumed Hillx would try and switch the mugs and had ended up poisoning herself.

The text told me to turn to page 79 when I read the next book to see how he would assist. The player takes on the role of the lone hero, referred to only as the Analander, who has been dispatched to retrieve the Crown, thereby averting the invasion and saving Analand from terrible disgrace. Be careful, for nothing in Kahkabad is quite as it seems Many spells also require a certain item e. Were I quiet, I had shamutanhi chance to sneak past them into the cave, so I took that option, waited for a hipls and snuck into the darkness.

The Shamutanti Hills by Steve Jackson

Memorization is fine as a game element, but the challenge should be in remembering what each spell doesnot what words comprise a spell in the first place. Originally published by Penguin Books between andthe titles are part of the Fighting Fantasy canon, but were not allocated numbers within the original book series.

Will you be able hi,ls cross the hills safely and proceed to the second part of the adventure – or will you perish in the attempt?