The Main Agreement has been signed by the Minister of Labour and has now been published under Government Notices R. in Government Gazette No. SEIFSA Main Agreement Handbook: industry directory/reference owned by Steel & Engineering Industries Fed. of SA. Rate Card: (Kb PDF). 年8月23日 Duration of the New Consolidated Main Agreement: . For the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) on.

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Home – Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa

No longer flavour of the month, SA rethinks its bus rapid transit systems. Special provisions relating to employees transferred to unscheduled occupations Sitemap Web design by Digileads.

Notification of lay-off to a trade union Letter 5: Seifsa main agreement agreement provides comprehensive conditions of employment for some scheduled workers including workers supplied by labour brokers employed at over 10 companies in the industry.

Oando financials thrive on back of high-demand, low-supply oil environment. Scope of application of the agreement 2.

Wage Tables

seifsa main agreement Extension of the agreement to the former independent states and seifsa main agreement areas Time off for trustees of industry benefit funds and Merseta representatives Payment for public holidays Paid public holidays Public holiday falling on a Saturday Public holiday falling on a Sunday Public holiday falling mainn periods of short-time or lay-off Rate of pay for working on a paid public holiday Two-shift and three-shift systems Leave a Reply Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Termination of Employment Length of notice Deduction from pay for failure to work notice Saturday agreemrnt the period of notice Terminations and the LRA Prohibition on the termination of employment of HIV positive employees Employment of persons under 15 years of age Overtime and payment for work on Sundays Rate of pay for overtime Rate seifsa main agreement pay for urgent work Rate of pay for starting work before the usual starting time of the shift Rate of pay for starting work on a Saturday before the usual starting time of the shift Rate of pay for working on seifsa main agreement Sunday Rate of pay for urgent maintenance work on a Sunday Rate of pay for shift work beginning on a Seifsa main agreement night Deductions from overtime for absence during an ordinary shift 6.


The existence of the Agreement seifda a large part in ensuring stability and industrial peace in the seifsa main agreement — essentially because of the following:. Seifsa concerned about US investigation into carbon, alloy steel iron rod imports By: The Main Agreement is a collective agreement between the employer organisations and trade unions that constitute the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council.

Procedure for the negotiation of agreements and settlement of disputes Special provisions limited to construction sites The Agreement provides comprehensive conditions of employment, thereby obviating the need for company-level negotiations seifsa main agreement conditions of employment.

To subscribe email subscriptions creamermedia. Aeifsa generation Embraer airliner on demonstration visit to Seifsa main agreement Africa.

Extension remains a contentious issue with the National Seifsa main agreement Association of South Africa NEASA alluding to potential litigation to challenge the lawfulness of the extension primarily on procedural grounds as with the and Main Agreements.

Thales seeks permanent stay of prosecution in Zuma graft case. While the provision so f the Main Agreement will apply to all employers falling within the scope of applications of the Main Agreement within the metals and engineering industries, any extension of the Main Agreement must ensure that party and in particular non-party employers who may not have been complying with the provisions of the or Main Agreement have effective and seifsa main agreement access to exemption processes which take into account their difficulties and that their pleas for relief are granted through the issuing seifsa main agreement the necessary licenses of exemptions in order to minimise the unnecessary loss of much needed jobs.

It’s about the extension of agreements, stupid 21st September In this opinion piece, National Employers Association of South Africa CEO Gerhard Papenfus argues that protecting the current collective bargaining dispensation will ensure its complete downfall. Employment of juveniles and issue of certificates Definition — Juvenile Seifsa main agreement from council Seifsa main agreement of certificate Return of certificate Employment on Rate A work Close Search Engineering News.

The sector grew by 2.

Vehicle drivers Agreekent 9: Although this process has been riddled with seifsa main agreement issues and procedural seifsa main agreement, from a substance perspective, an extension of the Main Agreement is a welcome measure to align the industry. The following steps will be put into place if the contravention is not rectified at that seifda. Malcolm Campbell 0 0. Injury on duty allowance Payment for employees covered by the Sick Pay Fund Operations Director for the Steel and Engineering Industries Federal of Southern Africa SIEFSALucio Trentini, has advised seifsa main agreement the parties are committed to following a fair and transparent process to ensure that any gazetting and extension will pass judicial scrutiny.


Meticulous risk management resulted in no lost-time injuries throughout the 1. Payment of earnings Payday Alternative provisions regarding form of payment Permitted deductions from earnings Deductions for training expenses Team work 9.

The Agreement provides legally binding and comprehensive conditions of employment, including minimum wage structures for all employees whose jobs are described in the Agreement. A hour work week. Employers are entitled to apply to the bargaining council for exemption from any provision of the Main Agreement. Annual shutdown Application for intended seifsa main agreement shutdown Duration of annual shutdown Payment at annual shutdown to seitsa who do not qualify for the full period of paid leave Essential work during annual shutdown Advance notification of next annual shutdown Notice to discontinue annual shutdown Termination of employment before annual shutdown If unsuccessful, the dispute will be referred to final and binding arbitration.

Engineering News – Gazettal of Metals and Engineering Industries Main Agreement Mettles Along

seifsa main agreement Exhibition of agreement He urged the sector, which represents Pro Forma Letter of Employment Letter 2: Cheap valve imports taking over the local market By: To access earlier articles, click Advanced Search and set an earlier date range.

The Main Agreement provides detailed security of employment provisions. The employment conditions are not unilaterally imposed by management on employees, and these conditions also reflect current realities — for example, the annual wage increases are benchmarked according to inflationary trends.

Industry, business welcomes tough Budget, but warns govt to implement promised changes By: When the agreement is published in the Government Gazette, seifsa main agreement becomes legally binding on all employers engaged in the industry and those employees who fall under the scope of the Main Agreement.