Hi, As far as I know, the issue may be caused by Access database Engine. I’ve tried both; both result in the error No tables were found in the data srouce. I unclicked the Force 32 bit and that enabled me to connect browse the tables in the schema. Read All 10 Posts. Well the attribute is PWD and the error suggests a wrong username or password. Any help is useful at this time

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Calling check for dbmcli Tue Oct 03 Hello, I want to do mqxdb similar. Does anyone know what I might have been doing wrong? Wednesday, August 14, sap maxdb odbc When I try setting up a connection in PowerPivot, I have tried the following methods and gotten sap maxdb odbc following results: Look at the log file G: Oracle provider is not registered on the local machine Workaround Then we fill in the username and password and click on Test Connection.

Powerpivot Connections jx I have tried all different variations of trying sap maxdb odbc set up connections to Oracle data through PowerPivot.

Test connection xap because of an error in intializing provider. To find the article, search “odbc basic” from www.

Then I decided although I know that it’s wrongto first find the instance name and then to start the DB from OS level. Found server but communication error occurred. sap maxdb odbc

In addition we use bit Windows server and Visual Studio for this development. I don’t want to have to build the connection string every time I use this connection, so I wonder if there’s any way to solve sap maxdb odbc so I could just select the source from the drop down list just like sap maxdb odbc other connection? Test connection works and I can make it as far as Select from a list of tables or Write a query. Odbc Dsn kf We had the same problem, we hit finished and compared the Sqp that was setup with one we would setup manually and they were exactly the same.

However, when we trigger the message flow, it throws the below error. In other words, the account used to connect to the source has no access rights to the table.

Note 698915 – Importing a MaxDB ODBC driver

Can anyone tell me if am missing anything? I have made sure this user has the same roles as SA. WAAS solution elements new stuff for me db: I am running the included tool blackberrydbbackup. Post as a guest Name. I’m finding with SSIS that the most basic functionality–being able to connect sap maxdb odbc datasources–is very difficult.

SAP MaxDB ODBC “Test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider”

One way is use the System DSN. Creating database instance Tue Jan 30 The current operation was odbbc because another operation in the transaction failed.

The alias must be the name that you used to connect to your SQL Server instance. This ocnnection works fine in Sap maxdb odbc using regular pivot tables, but i can’t getit to work with PowerPivot. Hi Guys, I had to ultimately install the Tally 32 bit server and it worked fine.

Using the MaxDB ODBC Driver (SAP Library – Interfaces)

If they both don’t work not suprised me much. Connection failed to node local for database ISV: Their client software deployment is not very good. Provider sap maxdb odbc unable to function until these components are installed. Batch size not set or invalid.