RUCK-BASED SELECTION (SFAS). TRAINING PACKET. TRAINING PROGRAM PACKET OVERVIEW. The seven training plans contained within this packet. RUCK-BASED SELECTION (SFAS) TRAINING PACKET. MILITARY ATHLETE. Under Army in the sidebar there are two programs tailored for The Military Athlete site also has a ruck based selection guide for purchase.

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The purpose is to build sufficient fitness to excel in selection regardless of your initial fitness level.

Preparing for a Ruck Based selection? : TacticalAthlete

All that matters is mission performance. As we learn more and improve, we go back, and update the sport-specific training plans on the website. I’m really not surprised, I knew the current recruiting policies with regard to prior service just thought I’d give it shot. Submit a new link. We take what we learn from lab rats and athletes, re-visit, update and improve already published training plans. This is probably the best resource on the web for SFAS, register, post an introduction, do a lot of reading, and resist asking inane questions that have been asked times before.

Why should I choose MTI? I quickly became pretty burnt out conducting “Army” PT in the morning and my own lifting regiment that I picked up from high school sports in the afternoon. Anyway, I quickly began to follow some crossfit workouts, but I did not believe in the “random” training aspect. I just recently returned from SFAS this weekend and wanted to reach back out to MTI to say thanks for the quality training program and for making the coaches fuck accessible throughout the process. My goal is to enlist in the Selectionn under an 18x contract.


There is still some holes in the program that guys coming back from selection pointed out.

Ruck Based Selection Training Plan V5

I’ve spent the last 6 weeks ramping up my work capacity, testing to find out areas of weakness, doing 1RM testing, and rucking. Most recently your Ruck Based Selection Plan.

You are encouraged to do it before purchasing. On Round one, do 4x 25m Shuttles round up from 3. I attended SFAS last month and was selected! On Round one, do 15x Sit-ups as fast as possible, then rest for the remaining time left in the interval. The Army has denied my grade determination.

Dylan PM me Ill hook you up if your qualified. We answer dozens of training questions from athletes weekly. Log in or sign up in sekection. You can do it yourself. Plan access is online, via username and password. Everything we did involved rucking over long distances as well.

Thanks Rob, couldn’t have done it without the great programming! I personally felt that I pogram more recovery time during the program and to my knowledge there are no IBA runs during selection itself. Want to add to the discussion? How do I access the plan? We use these sessions to learn and make continuous improvement. We keep the stuff that works, and fix or toss the stuff that doesn’t. I appreciate the scientific rigor you use to create truly inspired workout programs for military guys like me.


Hey thanks Bob, just trying to seledtion back into the fight. You are encouraged to do it before purchasing. Our stuff isn’t for everyone. I definitely felt prepared for everything that was thrown at me during the course and was luckily ‘Selected’ to top it off. I just basfd finished the Ruck-based Selection train-up and it helped me finish in the top 10 of a support seection of over Soldiers during a week of physical events that included the APFT, pull-ups, rope climb, CWST, 5-mile run, and mile ruck.

While there most of bqsed guys used Military Athlete’s “ruck based selection program”. What if I have more questions? The Run and Ruck Calculators are listed as exercises. I’ve been following this template for the past 2 weeks, and I feel great so far, adding weight to the bar every workout. How do I access the plan? Mostly adding in more APFT specific training and that there is really no need to do the longer rucks in the program. Looking for a specific plan or guidance from a goal?

Can I see sample training? We’ve built our fitness programming for mountain and tactical athletes from the ground up.