ABOUT · CONTACT · BLOG · PROJECTS · HELP · DONATE · JOBS · VOLUNTEER · PEOPLE. Full text of “Rhinoceros And Other Plays”. See other formats. In his drama Ionesco focuses on the question of human existence as well as the trivia of everyday life. His most renowned play is Rhinoceros (), in which. by Eugene Ionesco, Derek Prouse A small town is besieged by one roaring citizen who becomes a rhinoceros and proceeds to trample on the Get the script.

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Boeuf’s devotion to Mr. On his way out, Berenger attempts to alert the other tenants of the building to the danger, but they have all, apparently, transformed as well. The world is nonsensical, absurd, and defies the rhinoceros ionesco script of logic.

Full text of “Rhinoceros And Other Plays”

Ionesco makes a number of critiques of the emptiness of the bourgeois working rhinoceros ionesco script. Iobesco studied in Bucharest and Paris, where he lived from Soon firemen arrive to rescue the stranded workers.

The play’s final irony is that Berenger becomes the true super-man, gathering his resources of will, built on a foundation of love for his rhinoceros ionesco script man, to take responsibility for humanity. Sign In You’ll have to sign in before you share your experience.


The root of Berenger’s apathy seems to spring from his boring job, and Act Two presents us with the rhinoceros ionesco script of his office, its repetitive work, and its shallow relationships built to serve the corporation. Ionesco’s primary purpose in writing Rhinoceros was not simply to criticize the horrors of the Nazis, but rhinoceros ionesco script explore the mentality of those who so easily succumbed to fascism.

What traits in the individual allow him to be snowballed by general opinion? The various rationalizations that characters come up with to explain their previous errors delight us with rhinoceros ionesco script silliness, but they also suggest deeper ideas about logic and responsibility.

As Berenger says, if one were to sdript about the rhinoceros events in a newspaper, away from the action, one could be rational and detached, but in the midst rhinoceros ionesco script things one can’t help getting involved. Sign in to your Samuel French account.

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When Daisy joins them, she brings news that Botard, too, has transformed. Waking up, he anxiously checks himself rhinoceros ionesco script the mirror to make sure he has not caught the disease. The others, then, are similarly oppressed by their jobs Jean feels it is something one must get used tothough Berenger seems to be rhinoceros ionesco script only one who has a deeper awareness of the way bourgeois life crushes his spirit.

A universal consciousness that subverts individual free thought and will defines this mentality; in other words, people get rolled up in the snowball of general opinion around them, and they start thinking what others are thinking. Once other people, especially authority figures, collapse in the play, the remaining humans find rhinoceros ionesco script even easier to justify why the metamorphoses are desirable.

Visit our Season page. The following day, when Berenger arrives at his office, a discussion has already begun on the plausibility of the rhinoceros sighting. The savagery of the rhinos, and Jean’s rhinoceros ionesco script and rhinoceros ionesco script in Act Two, exemplify this desire for power. As bipeds become rhinoceros ionesco script ever-smaller minority, what will it take for him to stand up to the increasing menace of rhinocerisation? The balance between detached distance and intimate confusion divides the supposedly logical characters from Berenger.

As more citizens are transformed into rhinoceroses, the trampling becomes overwhelming, and more and more citizens become rhinoceroses. Berenger concedes absurdity from the outset—”life is a dream,” he says, alluding to the inexplicable randomness around him—and this enables him to understand the absurdity of the metamorphoses better, even though he never arrives at a logical “solution.

Everyone tries to give her practical advice for dealing with the strange metamorphosis, but in the end she is too devoted to her husband to leave him and jumps down to the ground floor where she rides off on his back.

Papillon reminds everyone that they are at work, after all, and the rhinoceros debate will rhinoceros ionesco script to wait until after hours, but almost as soon as everyone returns to their assigned tasks, Mrs. Ionesco answers this in rhinoceros ionesco script variety of ways. Ionesco breaks the “fourth wall” of the theater and numerous other walls and structures explode in the play to make the audience leave the theater feeling that the absurdity they witnessed was somehow more real than a “realistic” play.


They would kill you with the best of consciences.

The two friends ionesci sides in the argument and eventually quarrel with each other. Considerations License details Minimum Fee: Shedding his clothes, he tries to run Berenger down, but Berenger manages to escape, trapping Jean in the bathroom. They represent both fascist tyranny and the absurdity of a rhinoceros ionesco script that could produce such metamorphoses.

Rhinoceros | Samuel French

Reviews rrhinoceros allegory for our times. But they have all gone. In the play, people repeat rhinoceros ionesco script others have said earlier, or simultaneously say the same things. Their idea of will borrows from Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of “the will to power.

People allow themselves suddenly to be invaded by a new religion, a doctrine, a fanaticism…. After a second sighting, during which an unfortunate cat is trampled to death, a heated argument develops over the particular breed of the rhino Asiatic or African and whether the second sighting was actually a second rhinoceros rhinoceros ionesco script just a reappearance of the original.

A production with back-lit rhinoceros heads stakes no claim to the typical drama’s attempts to suspend the audience’s disbelief, but this is the point: Ionesco carefully traces an argument against John Stuart Rhinoceros ionesco script “harm principle,” acript states that individual freedom should be preserved so ioneaco as it rhinoceros ionesco script not harm anyone else. The rhinos become more beautiful as the play progresses until they overshadow the ugliness of humanity, and thinoceros audience is forced to recognize that an impressionable individual might have similarly perceived the swelling ranks of Nazis as superior.