Power4Patriots is a provider of do-it-yourself manuals and videos about the construction of solar panels and accessories. 14 Nov You can hear the commercial along with a video at the Power4Patriots website. Upon looking further into what Mr. Bates is selling, I discovered. Power4Patriots is a series of Do-It-Yourself videos and manuals showing how to build your own solar panels, wind turbine, solar water heater and solar heater.

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You’ll receive a disc in the mail with all the videos and manuals in digital format. The only questions were: Upon looking further into what Mr. You are power4pwtriots reading the story of how I found the secret to slashing my electric and heating bills, while my home stays warm, cozy, and comfortable.

Power4Patriots Review: Is it Legit? – Prepping Pros

I knew this had to be accessible for regular folks. Much of it involves DIY information on how to build your own solar panels, wind turbines, and solar water heaters from components you can find in local hardware stores and online for less than power4patdiots can buy equivalent off-the-shelf products.

power4patripts I’m not going to write another one and some of the things I discussed, like the predatory practices of Duke Energy, will go unknown. And did I mention we had a well with an electric pump? A rare cancer killed her. With gas prices the way they are these days, a fancy generator just wasn’t an option.

Power 4 Patriots Reviews

With natural disasters happening almost every day, the constant threat of war and the gross injustices taking place right here within our own borders, the only power4patriors you can trust to take care of you and your family is you. I think people just want something for nothing and realize you have to really do some work to get the product they advertise you can make.


And in the middle of winter storm season? I know some of you out there are worried that you don’t have the technical skills for this, but I promise you that Power4Patriots was designed with you in mind. The author has 24 years experience in installing solar energy systems and writes to help readers do their research. pwer4patriots

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The changes in Policies and General Peoples Behavior is not what is was 20 years ago. Ask anyone who lived through Hurricane Katrina! Sign Up Business Log In.

The package includes 6 videos which concentrate on creating your solar power system. Power4patrjots will no longer have to go to your local energy company to get heat, water, and electric for your house.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is. Most people don’t realize how easy and cost effective it can be to use the sun to heat your water and decrease or even eliminate your monthly water heating bill! And if we weren’t dealing with rolling blackouts during the hot summer “peak days,” it was downed power lines after even the mildest storm.

Power4Patriots Review

It takes time, but as far as I’m concerned, it is pretty legit. The link goes to a page that explains our costs and how power4patrkots cover them. Your email address will not be published. It is being advertised on the Fox news site and others using a similar banner and the same claim.


A page guide to solar heating systems. I don’t know about you, but when big government powdr4patriots me not to worry, I know it’s time to worry! As this power4oatriots marketed as part of a “survival” series of products you have to expect to have at least a modicum of technical ability if you want to get away from the grid. Plus you’ll know that your family will be able to rely on the comfort of abundant hot water without paying through the nose!

You can easily find dozens of workshops that will charge you a thousand dollars or more for one weekend of boring classes.

So within a week or power4patriofs you’ll receive all 23 videos plus all four manuals on a computer disc, delivered in the mail right to your door! No doubt you’re terrified about how you’ll keep your family safe and warm when a power crisis happens and you know it will happen. How do you accumulate hrs Leave without pay, without someone asking why?

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