Paul Rassinier’s main appointment was as professor of history and geography in the College d’enseignement general at Belfort, Academic de Besancon. 24 Nov Paul Rassinier (March 18, – July 29, ) is known as the father of Holocaust revisionism. During World War II, Rassinier was a highly. Paul RASSINIER Debunking the Genocide Myth A Study of the Nazi Concentration Camps and the Alleged Extermination of European Jewry Introduction by.

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Nouvelles Editions Latines, His friendship with his Block Chief resulted in his parcel being delivered directly to him without first being plundered by the prisoner government. Today I want to be a prophet once more: His chest was bared of its wet covering, brrr! We all envied the lot of those privileged people.

Fernand shrugged his shoulders.

Every Holocaust denier feels compelled to make this issue central the argument. The thunder of cannon was still rumbling in the distance, and behind him the mighty war machines rolled toward the front.

It was the department of anthropometry of the camp, its Sicherheitsdienst security policeand employed only those prisoners in rassinker the S. The countryside was deserted, and the man with the brassard rassinler disappeared. Gradually Fernand and I became acquainted with the others in our group, while keeping our distance and remaining on our guard.

As Lipstadt observes, the primary link between these early revisionists and modern deniers was the Rassinker. Some of this background does, in fact, represent legitimate historical revision.

In addition the most daring broad jokes were told along with the most comical monologues. Burden of proof argument. Ever since the convoys of foreign prisoners began to provide a continuous supply of new manpower, the German prisoners, who were in charge of the administration of the camp decided that they would have this work done by the new arrivals; it took the place for them of the traditional farce played on the recruits in rassinker casernes in France, and it amused them enormously.


Paul Rassinier

Please try your request again later. He lived with rawsinier Chaouchs of Block 48, who considered him to be one of themselves, but his attitude immediately set him apart from the others and made us consider him to be one of us; among other things, he was more generous with the rations that he distributed, and he got hold of and lent us books.

Once again the privileged. A flood of experiences assailed him, one after the other: His reasoning took another turn: Lehideux and Isorni v France R v Zundel.

Paul Rassinier – Metapedia

As we went by, we heard talk about rassinier of dollars. He wrote, “Init was still too soon to pronounce a definite judgment on the existence of gas chambers in the camps; documents were wanting and those that existed were incomplete, inexact, and obviously apocryhal or falsified.

They climbed up the path as best they could, sworn at and kicked.

As the dust settled, he risked taking a look around him. It costs us a modicum of labor and money.

This isolated city had its own laws and its own particular social phenomena. Follow the guide, he’s going to give you something to take along.

Finally he rassinied to move. Beginning with rassinjer third day, sections of barracks began to arrive at a faster rate and began to pile up half way up the hill. No publishing house was brave enough to publish Rassinier’s works. And if anything ought to be added, it would be this: His two-volume The History of Western Civilization was widely adopted at prestigious schools throughout the United States.

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Buchenwald was thus, during the period of the first installations, a Straflager punishment camp where only those considered incorrigible in other prisons were sent. Rassinler tried to think.

The dogs, if they are set after me, will find paup before the Americans get here. Tomorrow, it will be in the hands of At six o’clock there was another roll-call which could last until nine o’clock, rarely longer, but usually ended at eight.

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But, the English and Americans and the Russians had rassinirr otherwise, and, on April 11,they came to free us. Rassinier went as far as to predict that in the future, Hilberg’s volume “will not be spoken of at all, or if it is still mentioned, it will only be mentioned in reference to something unworthy of notice except as an example of the most scandalous aberrations of our times. I like Rassinier very much. He was on the axis of a trajectory that was cut almost at right angles by the rail tracks, along which the Germans were doubling back.

We dragged it back to the camp rassknier gangs broke it up for street pavement. Four times a day we passed close to villas where rumor had it that Leon Blum, Rassiner, Reynaud, Gamelin and Princess Mafalda, daughter of the King of Italy, were imprisoned. Due to his frail health, a consequence of his two years of imprisonment at Buchenwald and Dora, he retired from teaching and received a small pension from the French government. Footnotes 1 [Leon Blum was imprisoned at Buchenwald at about the same time that Professor Rassinier was there.

It will be enough then for me to tell you that the concentration camps were a world of horrors. He spoke two other languages almost as pau, as French: The first thing that the Germans did when they occupied Czechoslovakia, was to arrest and deport him.