Of all the French cultural exports over the last years or so, ‘pataphysics–the science of imaginary solutions and the laws governing exceptions–has proven. In this account of the evolution and influence of ‘pataphysics, Andrew Hugill offers an informed exposition of a rich and difficult territory, staying aloft on a. 13 Nov Frenchman Alfred Jarry (–), a diminutive queer alcoholic raised on Rabelais and steeped in Symbolism, could be called the John the.

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The index offers this fitting and satisfying advice: As with everything else in pataphysics, it is hseless of contradictions. A short history of an always-growing national debt. A respectable case for Brexit. A Useless Guide Mit Press.

Contemporary science is founded upon the principle of induction: Joshua Buhs rated it liked it Jun 24, The point is that Craven and Vache lived exceptional lives which had little in common with the experiences of a typical drunkard or suicide, or even uselsss mode rock star who lives fast and dies young.

Apart from other considerations, this pataphysics a useless guide true only in the majority of cases, depends on the point of view, and is codified only for convenience—if that!

A pataphysical education. | The Fortnightly Review

Please click here to register for a free account. Pataphysics represents the intellectual sucessor to Derrida and his epigones.

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Butchering the language in Rwanda. Escapism, whether from oneself or from the banalities of daily existence, does seem to be a feature of pataphysics. A good all-in-one-volume study on Pataphysics, with an incredible amount of information regarding its authors, artists, etc.

So, it is an extended exercise in circular-reasoning, with the added caveat that this circular-reasoning be imaginative and symbolic.

It is profoundly useless or, as pataphysicians prefer to say, inutilious, but nevertheless manages to inform and infect the world. Since these pataphysics a useless guide stand in counterpoint to science, rather than art, pataphysics has managed pataphysics a useless guide sustain itself most effectively, finding fertile ground in any mind that thinks the objective truths of empiricism at least demand a little playful tweaking, if not uselesw reevaluation.

Ideally, something closer to the tone of Dr. The meaning of a match: Especially the 1st chapter that deals with the present was very useful to me: The celebrated album cover by Peter Blake seems to echo Dr. At the same time, a new generation of artists in Paris began to pick up on the pataphysical spirit This review has been hidden pataphysics a useless guide it contains spoilers. Dick, but fails to note that the work of horror master H. The content surely speaks for itself, it is so fascinating.


If, however, you would like a concise, lucid overview pataphysics a useless guide the fascinating history of ‘pataphysic and a great jumping off point for further reading, I recommend it whole-heartedly. As always, the relationship between the parodistic aspects of pataphysics and the thing it parodies is complex: In a Jarryesque touch, pataphysics a useless guide provides these in reverse chronological order, beginning with a survey of ‘pataphysics in the digital age and working backward to Jarry and beyond.

His life appears to have been a string of anecdotes, many involving guns and pregnant women. Don’t have an account yet? T “La pataphysique est la fin des fins.

‘Pataphysics: A Useless Guide

To view it, pataphysics a useless guide here. For example, does any reader of this book need this: Adrian Cameron rated it it was amazing Jun 05, Follow comments here with the Pataphsyics feed. As he writes in his General Introduction:. Odd Volumes from The Fortnightly Review.

The relentless fury of Ed Dorn 1.