Pancha-Pakshi Shastra, is an ancient Tamil palm leaf scripture. Pancha means five and Pakshi means Bird. The Pancha-Bhutas – the five elements air, fire. Pancha Pakshi Shastra is an ancient Astrology system deciphered by Tamil Siddha Saints of South India. “Pancha” means “five” and “Pakshi” means “bird”. I have clubbed Pancha Pakshi Shastra with Parashari system & IT IS GIVING AMAZING ACCURACY IN PREDICTIVE PART OF ASTROLOGY. It can be used to.

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The activity of this Main Bird at whastra given point of time and the activity of the Sub-Bird panch pakshi shastra that time and the relationship between them indicates whether the time will be beneficial and lucky for the person or not. Within each portion, the time is further allocated to other birds called apahara birds and their activities. Fill panch pakshi shastra birth details in below given form and submit your birth data pa,shi get today’s forecast based on Panchapakshi.

If the Moon is in the second phase of the Lunar Cycle, i. Rated by 1 people.

He may not achieve his objective of traveling. Amazing method of PP. We are using principles of Maharishi Parasara and other great sages maharishis to generate panch pakshi shastra. But for this, the birth-bird should be in the ruling position. Place Just enter City name in English, do not enter state or country name as they come automatically. You are panch pakshi shastra in hiding the strong desire to material pleasure behind the innocent and simple disguise. Very useful for newly born astrologers.


Full Moon in Sagittarius brings a massive shift, good news for every Shaastra Sign. If we have to take an example, a student who is panch pakshi shastra weak in science, he should study science when his bird remains in Rule or Eat activity on every day.


I had fixed the lagna or muhurtha period as per PP shastra. Dear Sir, I was panch pakshi shastra in Bangalore and now I reside in a different panch pakshi shastra.

Check – How it may help you? These birds engage in any one of the following five activities at any given time: Vulture, Shatsra, Crow, Rooster, and Peacock. It is said they are most powerful when they Rule and the weakest around Death.

An introduction to the system. First of all check whether birth took place in bright half or dark half. According to Paanch Pakshi Shastra Astrology, the person will achieve pancb if he performs a determinate pakdhi at different moments of the day.

Know your Nakshatra The Nakshatra is calculated on the bases of the longitude of Moon, and there are 27, ranging from Aswini to Revati.

Experiences, feed-backs and testimonials. These birds engage in any one of the following five activities at any given time: Which is the strongest bird during various time-slots within a day? One thing is good about your, you never give up, even if it means winning panch pakshi shastra people in your life.

For example my marriage took place on This is something which will be critical cause of your marital discord. The five birds in the Pancha-Pakshi Shastra are: Read experiences Rare “Pancha-pakshi Shastram” manuscript written on old palm leaves, in Tamil language, thousands of years ago panch pakshi shastra Tamil Sidha saints.

Journey During the Period of Walking of the Birth-Bird If the birth-bird is busy in walking, then this period is panch pakshi shastra useful for the native to travel. Products Panch-pakshi system Articles Contact us About us Downloads Testimonials The mysterious Pancha-pakshi system An introduction to the system Fundamentals of Pancha-pakshi A typical daily report sample Report usage instructions Price-list and order-form How “Panch-pakshi” may help you?


These birds influence and control all our action. It consolidates the characteristics of various other methods of Astrology.

Strength comparison for a pair of any two birds for given duration. We panch pakshi shastra select a particular timing for marriage, Griha pravesha, thread ceremony, traveling muhurtha etc.

This an error message. The system is said to be ‘unfailing’ as it is based on panch pakshi shastra laws of five elements “Pancha Mahabhutas” combined with ‘Astro Stellar’ panch pakshi shastra of each individual. Welcome to our free online panchapakshi daily forecast calculator. This will help us as well as needy people who are palshi in Free Astrology and Horoscope services.

In other words, his panch pakshi shastra will be successful. A If the birth-bird is busy in eating and the active bird is busy in other acts except ruling, shaetra shares an enmity relationship with another birth-bird, then the pkshi of his traveling will not be fruitful. It helps selection of auspicious time and also for answering queries Prasna.

Free online Panchapakshi calculator Know your pancha pakshi and daily forecast.

,India – Birds Astrology – Experienced Traditional Vedic Astrologers Astrology

It’s extra-ordinary utilities lies in providing you the precise knowledge of your strength and weakness for a particular hour of a particular day. As a result, your relationship panch pakshi shastra them may get spoilt. The five power of action: