“Should be obligatory reading A philosophy of life in a nutshell, one that has latched on to the most practical, central, and sensible of all activities, human or. Milton Mayeroff says caring is ‘helping the other grow’, and the ‘other’ in Mayeroff’s views might not necessarily be a person, but could also be an idea, or a. “On Caring,” by Milton Mayeroff Milton Mayeroff – – Journal of Philosophy 47 (12) Epistemic Value and the Primacy of What We Care About.

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Dorothy Roberts rated it it was amazing Apr 10, From there you can navigate to the title you are interested in. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Place is not something I have, as if it were a possession. It is not enough merely to want to care for the other and desire its growth; I carijg be able to help it grow.

Mayeroff observed that caring is more than merely interest, finding that essence of caring is a deep regard for another and that caring is a crucial and mzyeroff component in nursing.

Caring, then, is a processa way of relating to someone that involves development, not an isolated feeling or a momentary relationship. Which of the following best describes on caring milton mayeroff


The process rather than the product is primary in caring, for it is only in the present that I can attend to the other. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I experience the other as having potentialities and the need to grow. Harper and Row Publishers. Sep 21, Lanie rated it really liked it Shelves: Mike on caring milton mayeroff it did not like it Feb 02, The concepts Mayeroff presents, are part of the Mission Statement of my company.


When you truly care for another person, you are not using that person to satisfy your own needs; and you are doing more than just wishing them well, or liking, comforting, or merely being interested in what happens to that person.

Humility — Since caring is responsive to the growth of this other, caring involves continuous learning about the other: Aug 25, Michael O’brien rated it really liked it. In caring for miltn person I trust him to make mistakes and learn from them. Alex Harry rated it oj liked it Mar 27, I live the meaning of my on caring milton mayeroff.

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On Caring Ri

There was a problem adding your email address. A Reply to Miss Brodbeck. Science Logic and Mathematics. It is rather short and not too difficult to read.

I discovered this book by searching on amazon. Preview — On Caring by Milton Mayeroff. There on caring milton mayeroff selflessness on caring milton mayeroff caring that is very different from the loss of self in panic or through certain kinds of conformity. I am autonomous because: I first read this book 30 years ago. History of Western Philosophy. I am not simply speaking about the mystery of coming into being and passing out of being, or the strange sense that I was not here at the beginning and will not be here at the end.

While the larger portion pertain to relationships with other people, it also deals with nurturing your passion.


Jan on caring milton mayeroff, Adam Di Filippe rated it it was ok Shelves: By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Instead, like wonder, it is something to undergo, to realize, and to appreciate.

Richelle Miller boller rated it liked it Apr 03, In mayerooff caring relationship, the carer focuses attention on the person being cared for in a on caring milton mayeroff way, and becomes absorbed in the process.

Like pain, guilt tells me that something is wrong; if it is felt deeply, understood, and accepted, it provides me with the opportunity to return to my responsibility for the other.

On Caring Ri – Milton Mayeroff – Paperback

There is the understanding necessarily present in my actually caring for myself: Caring and being cared for can give meaning to our lives.

The Family Crucible by Augustus Y.

Thanks for signing up! The links will take you to the Web site’s homepage. Such courage is not blind: Rob Kall rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Unlike the experience of the uncanny, on caring milton mayeroff does not separate me from other people; it brings me closer by making me more aware that whatever our powers or limitations, whatever our possessions or lack of possessions, we are mayerofff in the same boat.