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A Darwinian View Paperback ed. The Science of Selfishness book review of Unweaving the Rainbow. The second edition added two more chapters.

Ayer ‘s Language, Truth, and Logic Stephen Jay Gould took exception to calling the gene a ‘unit of selection’ because selection acted only upon phenotypes. Wilson contends that although the selfish-gene approach was accepted “until [when] Martin Nowak, Corina Tarnita, and I demonstrated that inclusive fitness theory, often called kin selection theory, is both mathematically and biologically incorrect. As an example, see Thompson.

Examples could be earthquakes, lighting, getting crushed by a drunk elephant. The Evolution of Human Sexuality Paperback ed. Views View Edit History.

O Gene Egoísta/The Selfish Gene

As a result, populations will tend towards an evolutionarily stable strategy. It’s not true and it’s not proven he is just using theory? In the end notes he then describes new finds of naked mole rats that lives in that way too.

Altruism too can evolve, as in the social insects such as ants and bees, where workers give up the right to reproduce in favour of a sister, the queen; in their case, the unusual haplodiploid system of sex determination may have helped to bring this about, as females in a nest are exceptionally closely related.


The Quarterly Review of Biology. This view from is still espoused today, [45] [46] and conflicts with Dawkins’ view of “the gene as a form of “information [that] passes through bodies and affects them, but is not affected by them on its way through””. Dawkins examines childbearing and raising children as evolutionary strategies.

Updated Preface by the author.

O Gene Egoísta — Reader Q&A

For example, Andrew Brown has written: Dawkins writes that gene combinations which help an organism to survive and reproduce tend to also improve the gene’s own chances of being replicated, and, as a result, “successful” genes frequently provide a benefit to the organism. Thompson objects that the gene cannot operate by itself, since it requires an environment such as a cell, and life is “the creative outcome of highly structured contingencies”.

River out of Eden: Thompson goes on to suggest that the cell-environment interrelationship has much to do with reproduction and inheritance, and a focus on the gene as a form of “information [that] passes through bodies and affects them, but is not affected by them on its way through” [51] is tantamount to adoption of a form of material-informational dualism that has no explanatory value and no scientific basis. According to Godfrey-Smith, this more careful vocabulary has cleared up “misunderstandings in the “units of selection” debates.

File:Livro O Gene Egoísta.jpg

Retrieved 5 April This file has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights. The evoista arises in part over defining concepts:. Dawkins uses the egoixta “selfish gene” as a way of expressing the gene-centred view of evolution as opposed to the views focused on the organism and the grouppopularising ideas developed during the s by W. Dawkins’ major concluding theme, that humanity is finally gaining power over the “selfish replicators” by virtue of their intelligence, is criticized also by primatologist Frans de Waalwho refers to it as an example of a ” veneer theory ” the gee that morality is not fundamental, but is laid over a brutal foundation.


File:Livro O Gene – Wikimedia Commons

We have theories, and “theory” does not mean “guesswork” – it means “the best understanding that we currently have of the nature of reality. The book has been translated into at least 23 languages including Arabic, Thai and Turkish.

Is there a possibility to natural selection eventually leading our bodies to everlasting life by over coming our biological decay??? Views Read Edit View history. Hamilton ‘s argument for kin selectionthat genes for behaviour that improves the survival chances of close relatives can spread in a population, because those relatives carry the same genes.

I am not advocating a morality based upon evolution “. Thompson follows with a detailed examination of the concept of DNA as a look-up-table and the role of the cell in orchestrating the DNA-to-RNA transcriptionindicating that by anyone’s account the DNA is hardly the whole story. It is the gene, the unit of heredity. At almost no point does science say “this is an absolute truth” because that is incredibly conceited – ANYONE that tells you they know an absolute truth is probably selling something.

The Selfish Gene was first published by Oxford University Press in in eleven chapters with a preface by the author and a foreword by Robert Trivers.