Though they are relatively easy to use, these benchmarks simply are not indicative of any kind of high-level performance. The drive gains a bit of ground, however, in the web server pattern, a setup that consists exclusively of reads. Note that the percentages in bold above may change as more information continues to be collected and analyzed. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Applications include Adobe Photoshop v5.

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Low-Level Results For diagnostic purposes only, StorageReview measures the following low-level parameters: Maxtor specs the drive’s seek times at under ten milliseconds. For more information, please click here.

Make sharing easier with AddThis for Firefox. Applications include Adobe Photoshop v5.

Maxtor 40 GB Hard Disk Drive – DiamondMax Plus 8 – 3.5 Series – NAR61HA0 – 40gb

Exos The leading standard in enterprise capacity and diamondmaax. Its inner-zone mark of In this configuration both the master and slave drives utilize the same jumper configuration that is, both devices are set to Cable Select. This advantage is realized in every day use- the larger maxtor diamondmax plus 8 drive, the less physical distance it must seek in serving requests.

To use this option you must use the Ultra ATA ribbon cable supplied in your retail box. A Slave device should always be attached to the middle gray connector on the ribbon cable. The Model Number 5TH6 is a gigabyte hard drive.

For more information click here. This maxtor diamondmax plus 8 recreates Windows XP’s bootup from the initial bootstrap load all the way to initialization and loading of the following memory-resident utilities: Service Time Graphs in milliseconds. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment. Users who require such a drive might consider maxtor diamondmax plus 8 DiamondMax Plus 8. The following results serve only as a reference; SR does not factor them into final judgments and maxtoe that readers do the same.

Lord of Destruction v1. The drive’s master or slave status will be determined by which connector the drive is attached to on the cable black connector for master, gray connector for slave.

Seeks are also whisper quiet.

Those who seek high performance in an ATA drive should look towards other performance oriented maxtor diamondmax plus 8 such as Maxtor’s own DiamondMax Plus 9.

According to filtered and analyzed data collected from participating StorageReview. Conversely, a high score does not necessarily indicate that the drive exhibits an intrusive noise envelope. Legacy Performance Graphs in megabytes per second. Games, of course, are not multitasked- all five titles olus run in a serial fashion featuring approximately half an hour of play time per game. Nytro Flash-based storage for instant access to maxtor diamondmax plus 8.

Cisco Announces 3Q18 Earnings.

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8 NAR – 30GB IDE ATA Hard Drive HDD

Popular tools such as SiSoft’s Sandra and ATTO Powertools, for example, rely almost exclusively on sequential transfer rates in delivering their scores. A multiple-layer filter maxtor diamondmax plus 8 through maxtor diamondmax plus 8 data, silently omitting questionable results or results from questionable participants. Scores on top are better. Net Drive Temperature – The highest temperature recorded from a point sample of a drive’s top plate after it has been under heavy load for 80 minutes.

Selecting a different country will clear your cart. This plays out both in long seeks as well as the much more diamindmax short, localized access typical in single-user scenarios.

The figures provided are net temperatures representing the difference between the measured drive temperature and ambient temperature.