HIDEAWAY was the first novel of mine that elicited a pleasing quantity of hate mail. The volume of hate was never so great that the postal. Hideaway. Dean R. Koontz. Putnam Publishing. US Hardcover First. ISBN pages; Date Reviewed: Reviewed by Rick. Summary: Hideaway is a disappointing and disjointed novel unworthy of Koontz. It’s one of this patchy author’s poorer efforts. The plot is.

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It is eventually revealed that Hiddeaway real name is Jeremy Nyebern; as a teenager, he brutally murdered his mother and sister, then attempted to kill himself. I’ve read this book many times but now that I’m a bit older 40’sI am a bit turned off by the incredible amount of evil exposed in this book by Koontz spending so much time in the mind of the demonic villain.

I guess that makes sense, and isn’t something that requires much thinking–but something strikes me about seeing my own desensitization so clearly. Koontz’s attempt to distance himself from the film forms part of a remarkable series of letters he sent to TriStar executives over a nine-month period in in which he expressed mounting concern over the project.

Toshiro Mifune was marvelous as the cruel and unprincipled concentration-camp commandant, and one cannot hiveaway his performance without thinking how well he could have played a modern-day corporate executive.

He remembered the bat that had swooped into the service station lights to snatch the hapless moth out of the air, eating it alive.


Jonas Nyebem resuscitates him with the “Vassago” spirit killing others. That’s not to say it doesn’t have quite hideaaway bit of violence and darkness, for it surely does, but it hit me a lot harder when I was fourteen. I wrote a cordial letter to Mr.

Koontz has also published under the na Acknowledged as “America’s most popular suspense novelist” Rolling Stone and as one of today’s most celebrated and successful writers, Dean Ray Koontz has earned the devotion of millions of readers around the world and the praise of critics everywhere for tales of character, mystery, and adventure that strike to the core of what it means to be human.


Koontz’s characters are all so apathetic to the events going on around them that it is hard to care what happens to them. Koonttz — Hideaway by Dean Koontz.

Jan 31, Briana Patterson rated it liked it Shelves: I immediately loved it. Hideaway sticks in my mind as having the best literary rendering of a car crash that I have ever read, and also one of the most believably twisted villains I have ever come across. In their very unique genius, the director and the studio execs kept the name Regina, but changed her into a moody sixteen-year-old sexpot.

There are some good elements in Hideaway ; Some of Koontz’s descriptive pasages are eye pleasing and the beginning is riveting, but as a whole the novel is drawn out to the extreme and forgettable. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Nyeburn is a reanimator and can bring back those who have been pronounced dead after as long as 80 minutes. It’s one of this patchy author’s poorer efforts. I could hardly turn the pages fast enough while reading, and although the end is a little anti-climactic the supernatural twist makes up for it. Storytellers such as Dean Hideaaway are a gift to the world.

Hideaway by Dean Koontz – book review

I’d imagine I’d still recommend this book first if someone asked me for a Dean Koontz recommendation. Refresh and try again. Be the first to discover new talent! Koontz has a great writing konotz. They wanted to cast a girl who had been identified by the very unique geniuses of Hollywood as the next megastar: Hatch is a hjdeaway guy who obviously had the blunt end of the stick in life, but because of this strives to be the best he can.


After being dead for over 80 minutes a man is brought back by a resuscitation team.

Pornography is the raw mechanics of sex without the emotional context: One, some years earlier, turned ou As the author ended the book: I especially enjoyed how he brought disturbing points across with Vassago while not just spelling everything out. The director defends his work: Actually, throughout the imagery is fantastic whether it is the antagonist’s lair or the link between the two main characters.

HIDEAWAY From the Author

So I decided to give Hideaway a shot, and I Having been trying to finish the Odd Thomas series, I tried very hard to push through 6, but I just couldn’t do it, the series started out good but now it just feels hideawayy it’s lost it’s magic.

I love Koontz but find that I forget a lot of his stories fairly quickly after reading unless it was exceptional like Intensity.

All my argument is about is, if this is what it is going to be, then please, disassociate me from it. Every character realizes something and it’s a better person if it’s possible.

Well, I think he can be a good writer and envelops us with the tale.

HIDEAWAY From the Author | Dean Koontz

In “Hideaway”, he really outdoes himself in his Orange County environment, so convincingly creating that amusement park out in the wilds of San Juan Capistrano that I asked myself if it might actually exist. Classic, suspense-filled Dean Koontz. The characters are made with strong and weaker aspects that are relevant to the tale.