The Revolt of the Masses JOSE ORTEGA Y GASSET THE REVOLT OF THE MASSES AUTHORIZED TRANSLATION FROM THE SPANISH W □ W □ NORTON. José Ortega Y. Gasset The Dissection of the Mass-Man Begins 7. Why the Masses Intervene in Everything, and Why Their Intervention is Solely by Violence . SUMMARY OF THE BOOK THE REVOLT OF THE MASSES BY JOSE ORTEGA Y GASSET CHAPTER 1 THE COMING OF THE MASSES In this chapter, Jose.

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So, many will instinctively cringe at the elitism – and it is elitism – that Ortega y Gasset exhibits in Revolt of the Masses, which essentially warns that societies who don’t th how much their existence is predicated on hierarchy of superiors to inferiors will become directionless and cease to exhibit excellence.

The Revolt of the Masses – Wikipedia

Consequently, rhetoric flourishes more than ever. Instead of imposing on us one trajectory, it imposes several, and consequently forces us to choose. It was only the bour- geois armies, with their better economic organisation, that could massees them on a large scale. Read reviews that mention mass man ortega y gasset revolt of the masses liberal democracy mass men assurance to proclaim moral code men of excellence proclaim the rights impose them wherever commonplace assurance knowing itself to be commonplace mind knowing read this book rights of the commonplace commonplace and to impose commonplace mind public life spanish philosopher characteristic of the hour.

This fact is almost grotesque and incredible in its oc and simple truth. Sign in to use this feature. No one but recognises that fact. Until lately, the Chinese peasant believed that the welfare of his existence depended on the private virtues w hich the Emperor was pleased to possess. Naturally for our life is gasest other than our relations with the world around. Or is there rather only a decadence of the national organisations of Europe?


This proclaims, that in the long run, everything is earth, that the jungle springs up everywhere anew. It represents what it is within our power to jode, our vital potentiality. Hence his ideas are in effect nothing more than thee in words, some- thing like musical romanzas.

Klaus Heller – – Philosophy and History 16 1: This fact is quite simple to enun- ciate, though not so to analyse. But if the individual is sovereign, we should not be surprised if each man treats himself as if he is indeed sovereign.

The Revolt of the Masses

Is a question that Gasset asks but answer that Europe still is a force to be reckoned with even though her decadence has brought about other States but these cannot do with Europe. Views Read Edit View history.

Whilst there was a proportionate decrease of great vasset tunes and life became harder for the individual worker, the middle classes found their economic horizon widened every day. There is nothing to force him to limit his existence. He gives a series of example, first, the case of the baths that existed only in the homes of the noble but has now become a thing to be shared by all.

Though major challenge here is to ascertain whether life feels itself on the decline or not. The world is a civilized one its inhabitant is not: In the following generation, the balance is upset and specialism begins to dislodge integral culture from the individual scientist.


The reason of this lies in what is at the same time the great advantage and the gravest peril of the new sci- ence, orteta of the civilisation directed and orttega by it, namely, mechanisation, A fair amount of the tilings that have to be done in physics or in biology yy mechani- cal work of the mind which can be done by anyone, or almost anyone.

Spontaneous social action will be broken up over and over again by State intervention; no new seed will be able to fructify. Prehistory and archaeology have discovered his- torical periods of fantastic duration. The Increase of Life 5.

Nevertheless, he has to struggle to obtain his end. Besides that, it also happened that the absolute Stare and those aristocracies did not want to aggrandise the Stxte at the expense of society in general.

The Jewish Revolt of A. Inevitably his life loses all authenticity”, and is transformed into pure representation or fiction of an- other life. Please try again later. The so-called great nation is about to be no nation at all, as all can clearly see.