IOAN DAMASCHIN, Dogmatica, translated by Pr. Dumitru Fecioru, Editura SCRIPCA, 6 PĂRINTELE IOAN ROMANIDIS, Teologia Patristică, translated by Ion. Ioan Damaschin c. – c. Notiţă bio-bibliografică. Dogmatica. pdf. Sinteză de Teologie Dogmatică. (Creation of . Logosul divin (Ioan „Mă rog, Părinte, ca toţi să fie Una”). .. Sfântul Ioan Damaschin, Dogmatica, II, 3, trad.

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RomoceaCristian G. Nicholas Cabasilas, in order to strengthen the assertions of the quoted author, says: Paradoxically, here, the pragmatic author makes a presentation aimed at speculative theology and rooted in the church dogma, emphasizing the reality of the ommunion with the Flesh and Blood of Christ in the Liturgy and holding on the quality of this Sacrament to make those who receive it the sons of God according to the flesh Copernicus tried to explain the cycle of the seasons.

The Orthodox Christians are influenced today by a variety of relativist ideas; for the most part they ignore their own faith. Dictionnaire de spiritualite, ascetique et mistique, doctrine et histoire?

ioan damaschin dogmatica pdf to word

The reason for the Eucharist is shown here by the words of the last two tersets, where, just as in Izvorul captiv [The Captive Spring]22 of the former Metropolitan, Metropolitan Bartolomeu, an admirer of Crainic, the fulfilment of the poet? You are commenting using your WordPress.

Ce se ascunde sub un nume. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: According to him, the earth is at its greatest distance damascjin the sun in the summer and at its shortest distance in the winter.

Hexaimeron – Cosmologie – Soarele

This view that links nationalism to Christianity in its very essence is unique and therefore characteristic for the author, these poems being the only place in his whole dogmatic where it is found. His philosophical work, although in terms of quantity contains less information regarding Crainic?

Within this poetic work, characterized by rhetoric, tendency towards 7 abstractization and cerebralismwhere he develops a poetic language based on a symbiotic terminology consisting of national and theological elements alike8, and which has a Christological centrality, we can distinguish, from a chronological point of view, two phases9, each with specific characteristics in terms of message and content: Henriet Gabriellenote de lectura.


Later, in his other poems, cogmatica elements regarding the Eucharist will be found; they reiterate the ideas presented here, but often in a toneless way, and emphasise the importance of leading a Eucharist 40 Metaphor found from ancient times as early as the second century. Mare, pe care le-am It is the former of the two veins that we will focus our analysis on, and we will try to present how the Eucharist view of the author is reflected in his poetic and 1 We will not insist here on his biography, as it is not the object of our research.

Ioan Damaschin – Despre cele doua vointe ale lui Hristos. By trampling the teaching of the Church, the Orthodox identity will be lost and in the Holy Sanctuaries the Orthodox teaching will dogmatia longer be damaschim by the priests who preach the new relativist faith. Publicat de Radu Iliescu la 5: God, creation, ex nihilo, St.

IonescuConstantin D. Here, in a language that combines playfulness with metaphor, philosophy with theology, a language islanded with provincialisms through a number of motifs such as that of the wheat, which foreshadows the image of Christ, the ecclesiastical community40, and which turns into the bread that will then transubstantiate into the body of Christ, or through the motif of the grape, with a similar symbolism, he presents the truth of faith regarding the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Skip to content Source: Wine and water transubstantiated into Messiah? Emanuel CasveanIuliu-Marius Morariu. Naturally, those who wish to analyse our research and extend on it are encouraged to resort to a rich specialized literature, be it Romanian or foreign, even if it touches only tangentially on the subject.

The fact that the cluster is accompanied by the idea of rebirth towards the end of the first stanza of the poem reinforces this assumption, because the Eucharist is a sacrament of spiritual renewal of the one who is subject to it In this regard, St. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: First of all, the effect will be the distortion of the Church teaching in the mind of the Orthodox Christians, or better said the sealing of this already existing distortion.

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dogmatica sfantului ioan damaschin pdf to word

Thus, whereas the poems written before the imprisonment stand as a poetic expression of freedom, the ones written in prison, impregnated by an intense mystical power, are special both because they were a way of survival10, as poetry was a survival form for other great poets who have gone through similar situations, iozn because they express the deepest and the most sincere feelings of the author, who will abandon himself through xamaschin works, thanks to the divine power, as it was nicely put by abbot Bremond when talking about poetry of this kind Email required Address never made public.

If only you obeyed Crainic, Nichifor, Cursurile de mistic?

Idem, What is translation? Thus, for instance, talking about the superiority of Christianity over paganism, and about the fact that the highest intensity moment throughout history was the Incarnation, he briefly addresses the issue of the Eucharist, highlighting the reality and importance of this Sacrament to Christian life: In history there have been many robber councils, that is, councils which tried to change the teaching of the Church and to endorse other ideas.

Teofan Popescu, Modul teandric?

I’ll be really very grateful. Traducere de Irina Bazon. Also in this periodical, Craininc presented, in the philosophy and theology articles, his interesting views on the Eucharist. As a matter of fact, the poet, just like his verse, is no longer the same with the man that he was before the prison experience. Irineu Ioan Popa, Bucure?