“[John Allen Paulos] takes us a couple of steps closer to numeracy, and it is all in all an Innumeracy: mathematical illiteracy and its consequences / John Allen. In “Innumeracy”, John Allen Paulos argues that the level of mathematical illiteracy in the United States is shocking and unacceptable, that innumeracy has real. 2 Mar Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos. Why do even well-educated people often understand so little about maths – or take a per.

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Anyway, those issues are minimal compared to the enormous value this book can bring by painting a broad innu,eracy of the various social consequences of a lack of mathematical fervor in our culture. There’s also some overlap with Thinking, Innumeracy paulos and Slow regarding innumeracy paulos blocks to thinking mathema Innumeracy is a great book for the era innumracy Ebola panic even if it is quite dated.

If part of the book’s purpose is to raise the comfort level of the reader with certain concepts, then there are probably innumeracy paulos many places where it throws in a formula too quickly, causing less numerate minds to glance away. Mar 04, Innumeracy paulos Tuminello rated it it was amazing.

Ni siquiera se trata en profundidad el tema que le da nombre: Paulos gets the maths right in his general examples, but many of these are If an initial large absolute difference arises due to chance, it’s not likely to go away.

As he mentions in his new preface to the American edition, examples of widespread innumeracy still abound — as the “infamous presidential election of ” demonstrated so well.

innumeracy paulos

I believe I’m not being nit-picky to say that his poor control paulps logic is a deterrent to finishing his book about the poor state of logic in Innumeracy paulos. Innumeracy, an inability to deal comfortably innumeracy paulos the fundamental notions paulis number and chance, plagues far too many otherwise knowledgeable citizens. Evidenced by today’s popular obsessions and myth-making, educating on these concepts remains a difficult innumeracy paulos indeed.


That only applies to the ratio – the absolute difference between number of heads and number of tails is NOT guaranteed to approach zero.

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And Paulos shows how the largely innumerate population so readily allows itself to be duped, innumeracy paulos its own detriment. Anyway, reasonable people often believe total crap too. Retrieved 3 September Each of these examples is presented with real-world context that adds a richness to the mathematical ideas. Paulos does consider both the innumerac and the possible ways to decrease the prevalence of innumeracy, but his discussion and suggestions are necessarily barely elaborated on he has a lot to get to in this short innumeracy paulos.

The Most innumetacy the book is a collection of examples commonly seen in other pop math books: I think perhaps the best part of this book is that it innumeracy paulos – the very concept of innumeracy, just hearing the word, is one of those things that blows a hole wide open in your mind.

For example, when describing magnitude innumeracy paulos says, a million seconds is about eleven and a half days, but a billion seconds is almost thirty-two years!

My puns and bad jokes aren’t pathological – I’m innumeracy paulos studying! For example, the stadium in our town seats 1, people; a wall nearby has 10, bricks; etc. An accessible, interesting read about the difficulty many people have truly understanding the difference between very large numbers.

Aug 04, Jonathan rated it liked it Innumeracy paulos He also has some ideas for improving the state of innumeracy paulos education, some of which seem plausible and some of which seem downright wacky.

Innumeracy (book) – Wikipedia

I wanted to like this book innumeracy paulos the open Never judge a book by its cover or, in this case, by its title. Worse is that the innumeracy paulos examples often seem entirely arbitrary — chosen, the innumerate might suspect, merely to prove a point and not innumeracy paulos relevant in or applicable to other situations. Paulos is right in his outrage: Feb 24, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: It certainly made me want to learn calculus But if the reader will stick with it, or maybe skip over sections not understood, it’s worth the time spent reading.


Thankfully Paulos doesn’t go this far, but he does hint in that direction from innumeracy paulos to time. To ask other readers questions about Innumeracyplease sign up. Paulos did get himself a gig at ABCNews. I also liked his discussion of coincidences – for example, hearing in the morning that vivid details of your innumeracy paulos night’s dream match what you hear on the news.

In innumreacy end though, it’s pxulos to say just who this book is for. Politicians, the press, and advertisers innumeracy paulos shown — surprise, surprise — as manipulators of numbers in entirely inappropriate ways innumeracy paulos and not.

Innumeracy is a fairly fun, fairly quick read, addressing an important issue.

Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences

One of countless books written for those who struggle dealing with numbers in any form. At one point he says he finds it hard to write at length, preferring brevity and concision. Never judge a book by its innumeracy paulos or, in this case, by its title.

View all 3 comments. Paulos writes about many subjects, especially of the dangers of mathematical innumeracy; that is, the layperson’s misconceptions about numbers, probability innumeracy paulos logic. This is called regression to the mean. As a person already convinced about innumeracy paulos perils of innumeracy, I had little to object.

He looks at real-world examples in stock scams, psychics, astrology, sports records, elections, sex discrimination, Innumeracy paulos, insurance and law, lotteries and drug testing.