Well the title is my question. I know I will be an Eladrin who probably will go star and something? But is Hexblade worth it and is it fun?. I’d guess that’s where their striker damage is coming from, since they don’t appear to have curses–and while it’s one-handed, you’ve got to use. Are there any official rules for a Hexblade multiclass feat or Hybrid? (I don’t have DDI access, but the DM does, so references to Dragon articles.

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You can’t be marked, you count as tiny for squeezing purposes and how often does squeezing happen?

Hexblade – Class – D&D Tools

A 20th-level hexblade can activate this aura three times per day. Half-Elf – Another excellent choice for an Infernal or Elemental Hexblade, Half-elves have a choice between the Knack for Success racial power and the Dilettante racial feature. He’ll also attack the enemy who hurts him hexblsde this, sliding that foe as well. Firstly, you can regain 2 healing surges worth of HP but be unable to heal until the end of your encounter.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Jexblade. Razorclaw Shifter – You get bumps to the Fey secondary ability, and a dump stat.


Constitution Vestige of Amaan AP: It doesn’t have many feats, but they all work well for Hexblades, which is nice. Decent damage, and a save ends combat advantage starts this power, and if the enemy moves, it also takes ongoing damage equal to your Intelligence modifier, even if the initial attack missed. Favored Soul – Healer – Marshal – Warmage. So for you, it’s basically a weak close burst attack. Like Echoing Dirge, this is a Close Blast attack that deals psychic damage, only this pulls instead of pushes.


Okay initial damage in an area burst, and create a damaging zone. All simple and military melee weapons, and ranged weapons.

Your initial summon doesn’t deal good damage although its output becomes okay if it gets combat advantage, so you’ll likely use it more for its utility.

When a hexblade attains 7th level, the penalty on attacks, saves, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls incurred by a target of the hexblade’s curse becomes -4 instead of There’s a bunch of nice bonuses that this path grants, and the animal shape you can assume is pretty flavorful too. Can you go Twofold pact on Hex too? Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight: You get your own minion!

Unfortunately, its not Eldritch Blast, so it doesn’t possess any of the feat synergy that goes along with Eldritch Blast. A prime pick for Infernal Hexblades. Yeah, you don’t want this either. Pall of Darkness HoS: Worthless to you, since you lack Warlock’s Curse.

As a “Fighting class” who can spontaneously cast, sacrificing most of your hrxblade ability no great loss for a series of permanent physical buffs that could help steer your character into a front line role, rather than the confused position the Hexblade normally occupies. You gain proficiency with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons.

Halflings are also hard to hit with their second chance racial power, which should keep you alive a while longer. The first thing to note is that this power targets the Will defense, gexblade is usually the weakest defense on a monster. The initial damage kind of sucks, but it causes ongoing damage that a foe will take at least once.

[4E] Hexblade or Normal Warlock : DnD

Starting hecblade 14th level, you can spread your Hexblade’s Curse from a slain creature to another creature. Okay, but even with all that, it seems a little weak for a daily power. Ross Dec 17 ’10 at Long story short, an interesting pick. Reflecting a foe’s daze, domination, or sturn right back at them is pure win, and a lot better than Master of Magic.


Attaching it to a close burst beforehand that makes enemies vulnerable to fire? The strongest choice for humans who deal with the devil. Caiphon’s Abominable Melody D Although he’s useless in battle, he can perform tasks like locating people or spotting difficult terrain ahead of you, so he has his uses.

A close blast with cold damage, proning, and sliding. Additionally, at the end of each extended rest, you choose to Resist Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning or Thunder, with a resistance value nexblade 10 15 at 21st level. Not bad to summon now and then. Targets fortitude, but has some accuracy built in.

If you want a big damage power, may I recommend Force of Nature? Log in or sign up in seconds.

Like domination, but better. A high damage daily, but only if your ally sacrifices a healing surge. A familiar is a magical beast that resembles a small animal and hwxblade unusually tough and intelligent. Forbiddance of the Ninth AP: Not a bad pick overall. Much like the traditional Fey Warlock, you can teleport when an enemy dies.

Hexblade Expanded Spells Spell Level Spells 1st shield, wrathful smite 2nd blur, branding smite 3rd blink, elemental weapon 4th phantasmal killer, staggering smite 5th banishing smite, cone of cold Hexblade’s Curse Starting at 1st level, you gain the ability to place a baleful curse on someone.

Still, it has some pretty awesome skill powers, which just might make it worth training in for you. Constitution Acrid Decay AP: