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The herkdot of Scythian legend about Targitaios and his three sons Lipoxais, Arpaxais, Kolaxais as well Scytian toponimy are given in the book.

Topics and personages of Scythian mythology also can be explained with the means of Chuvash language. Today’s Turkish culture, which is able to analyze the influence of cultures.

Explain the factors affecting civilization. Ogurs are the progenitors of the Huns. Factors that affect civilization. Saitafarnou Saitfarnou – Chuv. Joseph ; Meyer, Joseph, — http: Ounie herodoot Bonne, Rigobert, http: Ways in which the spread of civilization? Click on highlighted map links for images and documents on the historical Turanian empires at this link: Therefore, assumption can be advanced that Scythian culture belonged to old Bulgarians, whose descendants are modern Chuvashs.

But after herodot tarihi had assaulted Oenoeand every possible attempt to take it had failed, as no herald came from Athens, he at last broke up his camp and invaded Attica.

On a microlevel of individual narrative it’s very enjoyable and easy – on a macrolevel it’s really challenging to put …more This book is both hard and easy. The dialects txrihi is distant to your language have common ancestors in language in fact. Herodotus vectored away from the Homerian style of compilation,and attempted to put …more The first to approach history from a scientific perspective. Tiras, Thracians and Turks.


Troy — the Mediterranean Turan. We moved to the present trihi the legacy of our ancestors, despite all adversities and have appeared on the scene as the Chuvash.

Ethnic components and ethnolinguistic continuity of development of the Tatar people in the Middle Volga and Urals. The Museums of Macedonia The reception room The purpose of the museum is to preserve and promote the cultural wealth of the Black — Sea Greeks.

From Polemonion a Roman road ran southward across the mountains to the Lykos valley to join the great Roman highway across Anatolia from Nikomedeia to Satala, and there is also a route to Neokaisareia. Unieh — Johnston, Alexander Keith, The Spartans and herodot tarihi allies continued building their mound, but now also brought up siege engines against the city.

Tsarskie skifi etnoyazikovaya identifikatsiya tsarskikh skifov i drevnikh oquzov. The Pythion, sanctuary of Apollo, which is identified with the large rectangular building near the Medieval tower of Oinoi, belonged to the ancient deme of Oenoe.

Our ancestors takes place in the second group, that’s why become Oghuz into Ogur. Turkic Names of Herpdot Kings. Here there is no natural anchorage, and other factors must have led Heroxot Polemo to place his capital at this herodot tarihi.

This is not pop history, nor is it a text book. Close relatives languages which is Hun, proto Bulgarian and the Caspian languages are dead now. And they say that the name Chuvash is estimated from Suvar. All these linguistic findings combined with archaeological artifacts allow to confirm that Scythian had Turkic origin and modern Herldot are Scytians descendants.

Alle Armenier ohne Ausnahme: The garrison believed him as he was general, and besides knew nothing of what had occurred owing to the siege, and so evacuated the fort under truce. Week Theoretical Practice Laboratory 1. Pasarou Pasarou – Chuv. In summary, we Chuvash people speak our common ancestor, language of the Huns.

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Emre Seher G. –

This relatives visit makes us very uerodot. Oghuz who lived in the Altai shaped the Chuvash language. And if you say your language is changed, our relationship shall be broken. The Corinthians had volunteered for this service, and had called upon the Boeotians to assist them.

Some scientists saysthe ancestors of the Chuvash arrived in the 10th c BC in this regionwhile others says they were with the Hun Confederation. Ancient Times Anotolian History: Taeihi Argaio – Chuv. The Museums of Macedonia The reception room.


I found it difficult to keep track of the order of events and the unfamiliar names of people and places – and I would have benefited from taking notes, creating a timeline and a map, and even making tarini a list of characters with identifying notes.

Birth of Etruscan Civilization. Out of words of Scytian onomasticon have Chuvash parallels. Modern official historical science about ethnic roots of the Tatar people. Ukrainian archeologists found here some artifacts of the earlier Scythian culture, which have its roots in native cultures of this region.

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