Black Saddle Mushroom — Click for larger image. H. lacunosa is frequently found in large numbers in California, especially under Monterey pines and oak trees. Head of the fruit body cm high, cm broad, convoluted and irregularly lobed, sometimes saddle-shaped; margin attached to stipe at several points; flesh. NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that Helvella lacunosa probably does not occur in North America, and instead we have a number of black Elfin Saddle .

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Add salt as necessary.

The Atrium

I have eaten the caps of Elfin Saddle mushrooms in the past, and on the whole I was unimpressed and do not plan to try it again. Black Saddle Mushroom Helvella lacunosa These black, wrinkle-capped mushrooms occur late in the winter on the West Coast. The thing that appeals to me most about the Elfin Saddle is the stem; it is usually streaked and fluted and looks like an ornate grey-white carving in soapstone or a similar medium.

But beware of a common white to pink mold that attacks and coats the surface of the cap. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Helvella mitra is a synonym.


They should be parboiled before pickling. Helvella over and out.

A blend of beef and black saddle mushrooms, to be served over rice and accompanied with a rich cabernet sauvignon or burgundy for a robust meal. These mushrooms may be either dried or pickled. Two similar looking species occur in Western North America — Helvella vespertina is associated with conifers and Helvella dryophila is associated with oak.

Remove hrlvella a slotted spoon and set aside. Cook the pasta in a large amount of boiling salted helfella until al dente ; drain.

Serve with any meat or fish, and a tossed salad. They appear in many stages of development, from small erupting fruits to crumbling, decomposing older individuals. Millipedes and insects frequently use these crevices as temporary homes.

Lavunosa to the Herbarium of the University of Michigan for facilitating study of the collections cited below. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

California Fungi: Helvella lacunosa

Cite this page as: The water should be discarded. Black saddle mushrooms have deep-black caps and firm, dry, rubbery, whitish stems. This material, monomethylhydrazine, escapes into the air when helvella mushroom is dried, and it is cooked out when parboiled in water. Photo by Jason Hollinger.

Elfin Saddle Mushrooms – Genus Helvella

They may be distinguished from the creamy-white coloured Helvella crispa by the latter’s furry cap undersurface and inrolled margins when young. Preserving These mushrooms may be either dried or pickled. Dredge the meat in the flour. Add the remaining oacunosa tablespoon oil and cook the onions and green peppers over medium heat for about 5 minutes.


These mushrooms may be cross-sectioned and cooked in cheese sauce, or deep-fried until crisp. Stipe cm high, cm broad, equal or tapered, deeply furrowed longitudinally, lacunose; chambered in cross-section; surface smooth, white to grey to dark grey. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Still no mushrooms…hey, wait a second!

University of Minnesota Press: It can cause stomach upsets. The flavor of H. Dissing believe Helvella sulcata to be merely a form of Helvella lacunosabut I disagree. The texture of the mushroom complements asparagus.

A common mid-winter mushroom, Helvella lacunosa is variable in form and hslvella, but its deeply furrowed stipe and dark, convoluted cap are distinctive. Also, as ascomyces they lack gills and have one of the laxunosa many ascomycetes share: