Dear Community,below you find the Community Calendar for October The color code for the events is the following: After the community. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. specialization It may not be step by step but its very well thought out.

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To settle a new village we will first need a Residence. After that you can consider to aim for something like this village set up. So instead of being 5th you will be tied th and it’s just a case of who has the shortest travel time. I mostly need help with village-developing, since I’m a really good attacker. This is because you will want to transfer resources from your first village to the second to speed up its growth and the larger the guuida the slower you can push the resources trough.

Community Calendar – October 2018

trafian In questo forum Troverete tutte le news sul mondo di Travian e sulla community di Travian Trucchi. I choose the one that i liked the most. The one common thing is keep expanding, keep building troops, keep upgrading and communicate with your team. Try to figure out when they are gaining population and when they are not. Good hammer advice all around http: The building order is:.

Your first village should focus primarily on Swords; otherwise the idea is largely the same as with the defender. The goal in the first three days is to maximize resource production along with CP production — with slight changes obviously. You also raid accounts you are trusted to sit.


Just an update to all about a “Guide Section” It is something that is guuida but at a later stage when more of these guides are written by players such as yourself. You are now left with tons of resources to work on your village with. Activating the account and the Order of the Tasks. It’s amazing to see people appreciate the guide.

Che aspetti iscriverti e a participare allora!? Definitely can be done with less.

Start by reading through all the quests that are currently available for you. Travian is a massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game developed by the German software company Travian Games. Be careful doing the zero economy, super fast settling strategy above. In totale ci sono 12 utenti connessi:: I actually have a thread about this very issue: Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

In questo forum si discute di tutti i linguaggi per il web.

The last Settler you complete will reward you with large sum of resources so finish the Settlers before anything else.

Guide per Imperion Qui potrete trovare delle guide e dei link utili, per Imperion, e conoscere meglio questo “Universo” Moderatore: Hero simming is very effective and convenient but makes the red medal difficult.

Once you have the troops ready, build the Town Hall and settle your second village. Once you settle your third village, start to build more scouts as well as Phalanx in your second village. What this means is that you build up your resource production and then go straight for the residence level 10 and train 3 settlers. Note that this guide is for 1x normal servers. Now this is the point where things are guidq to get mixed up depending on your own personal preferences.

You can still use out of borders oasis travan troops stationed in them don’t provide any extra production or influence. Cheap CP is what we are looking for in the beginning of the server. No matter guda, rush to a market ASAP, then sim up your fields until level and capture your two oases. Keep following the quests as well as they keep guiding you even after this point.


You may see people start raiding oasis on day 1. You will eventually gain a level and when you do put the points into the hero resource generation. Basically thats it Sorry for the long wall of text: Try to have some extra granary capacity so after you NPC for wheatfields you can use the resources to buildup other infrastructure.

This is so that wonder holders don’t have to keep their accounts small or that attackers wouldn’t intentionally destroy their villages before their sieges.

How to become a top ten raider? : travian

Gauls can boast on having the strongest defense of all the tribes especially during the early stages of the game. Qui potrete trovare delle guide e dei link utili, per Imperion, e conoscere meglio questo “Universo”. Before you go beyond population, make sure you have around Phalanx and 10 Pathfinders.

I wanted to tgavian how to step my game up and get some medals.

At this point only attack the Robbers with your Swordsmen trvaian leave the Phalanx at home. They are left with a small production and even smaller CP production.