Facial appearance depends on several oral and extraoral factors. The gingiva is an important intraoral tissue which when affected particularly by pigmentation is. Gingival Depigmentation. shArmilA VermA*, meerA Gohil**, VAnDAnA rAthwA†. AbstrAct. A smile expresses a feeling of joy, success, sensuality, affection and. ser than liquid nitrogen in case of gingival depigmentation. That’s why two alternative methods are used: laser ablation with an Er:YAG laser and cryosurgical.

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The patient was advised to 0. This could be easily attained by using any of the methods described above. Patient’s acceptance of the procedure was good and results were excellent as perceived by the patient. Since the diode basically does not interact with dental hard tissues, the laser is an excellent soft tissue surgical laser, indicated for cutting and coagulating gingiva and oral mucosa, and for soft tissue curettage or sulcular debridement.

Perlmutter S, Tal H. The surgical area was covered with a periodontal dressing [ Figure 4 ]. The follow up period showed no repigmentation.

The lesion is allowed to thaw slowly that is, come back to gingivall temperature. Methods aimed at removing the pigment layer: A loop electrode was used for depigmentation of gingiva [ Figure 5 ].


J Oral Laser Appl. The depigmentation procedure by scalpel technique is simple, easy to perform, noninvasive, and above all, cost effective.

Gingival depigmentation: A split mouth comparative study between scalpel and cryosurgery

Postoperative 4 weeks follow-up. J Contemp Dent Pract.

The pigmentation is mostly localized at the anterior labial gingiva, affecting females more than males. Cryosurgery can be used repeatedly and safely gingivaal where surgery is contraindicated as this procedure eliminates the use of a scalpel. Depigmentation of human gingiva: An year-old female had a chief complaint of black gingiva [ Figure 2a ].

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Treatment of unsightly oral pigmentation: Adverse habits such as smoking can also stimulate melanin pigmentation and the intensity of pigmentation is related to the duration of smoking and the number of cigarettes consumed.

YAG laser, while the rate of heat generation is higher. Case 2 A young female patient aged 23 years visited the Department of Periodontics, JKK Nattraja Dental College and Hospital with the chief depigmentattion of blackish gums which esthetically interfered with her smile. The normal and pathological pigmentation of oral mucous membrane: J Contemp Dent Pract.


Pink esthetics in periodontics – Gingival depigmentation: A case series

Post-surgical antibiotics Amoxicillin mg, three times daily for 5 days and Analgesics ibuprofen with paracetamol, three times daily for 3 days were prescribed. Depigmented gingiva that is pink and healthy. Repigmentation refers to the clinical depigmentatuon of melanin pigment following a period of clinical depigmentation.

Melanin pigmentation and inflammation in human gingiva. The gingiva became pink and healthy within 4 weeks [ Figure 3b ].

Racial differences in the fate of melanosomes in human epidermis. The advantages of diode lasers are the smaller size of the units as well as the lower financial costs. A depigmentatioh series and review of literature.

The patient was asked to continue the chlorhexidine mouth wash for another week. Patients did not report side effects, nor did they require additional treatment during the 5 years period after surgery.

No pain or bleeding complications were observed during and after the procedure. American Academy of Periodontology. A gingivak by Perlmutter et al.