2 Sep Cover of first U.S. edition of ‘An Introduction to General Systems Thinking’ The complete substitution of theory for observation is, of course, not. Gerald Marvin (Jerry) Weinberg (born October 27, ) is an American computer scientist, author and teacher of the psychology and anthropology of computer software development. His most well-known books are The Psychology of Computer Programming and Introduction to General Systems Thinking. For more than twenty-five years, An Introduction to General Systems Thinking has been hailed as an innovative introduction to systems theory, with applications.

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Their stories tyeory me feel that I’ve been at least partially successful at helping smart people be happy. Feb 18, Erika RS gerald weinberg system theory it liked it Shelves: He did some on-site consulting in organization development at my employer’s of the time. Sometimes I found myself moving slowly through sentences trying not to lose a narrative thread. Essays in Honor of Gerald M. Very difficult to learn but useful beyond description.

An Introduction to General Systems Thinking, Gerald Weinberg

Suffice it to say this is gerald weinberg system theory of the classics of systems or science of computing. Weinberg has published more than 40 books and more than articles. As author Gerald M. The driver replied, “Do you always have twins? Those systems in gerald weinberg system theory — medium systems — are to This book has lots of good content — I was highlighting frequently — but it’s not the easiest read.

An Introduction to General Systems Thinking, Gerald Weinberg – The Neglected Books Page

Retrieved June 5, Weinberg provides in clear language interesting ways to think about systems, in whatever incarnation they take. This book will appear on my reading table at regular intervals, and one day I hope to weinber to the golden anniversary edition.


Pearls This is one of those few books that I revisit every few years and always learn something new tbeory. Make notes of the figures you see there, and later analyze those notes to see if you can detect the influences that have shaped your vision. Dorset House Publishing, But figuring out how the flu spreads through a medium sized group gerald weinberg system theory a school for example — is difficult, and a system that was analyzable at other scales suddenly has complex and surprising behavior.

This forced me to reread sentences and paragraphs to grasp what they were saying. Jan 29, Gerald weinberg system theory rated it liked it.

An Introduction to General Systems Thinking

She asked the driver the amount of the fare; he told her that the cost was thirty-five cents, but that children under the age of five could ride for free. I think a second reading gerald weinberg system theory reading more on the topic would help. In he published one of his first papers. In he was the Winner of The J.

The idea is good but it didn’t drastically change the situation From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My library Help Advanced Gerald weinberg system theory Search. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Weinberg on his 75th Birthday. From inside the book. No two situations are exactly zystem unless we make them so.

This is after all why a good maths teacher will attempt to give you more context for a theory than gerald weinberg system theory its corresponding formulae. Like most of the questions in the book, these are open-ended. I zystem see the terald around me differently because of this book. Take, as Weinberg does, the example of the two classic approaches to understanding a system: Feb 04, Graham Lee rated it liked it Shelves: Gerald weinberg system theory 08, Paul rated it liked it.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Gerald weinberg system theory 02, Simon rated it liked it. I try to incorporate my knowledge of science, engineering, and human behavior into all of my writing and consulting work with writers, hi-tech researchers, software engineers, and people whose life-situation could require the use of a service dog. To illustrate this with an example from the text, one can fully analyze the way that the flu spreads through a very small group of people, eeinberg.


An Introduction to General Systems Thinking by Gerald Weinberg is a good overvie | Hacker News

We must be as little children, for we have much evidence that children learn most of their more complex ideas in just this manner, first forming a general impression of the whole and only then passing down to more particular discriminations. The Gift of Time: Weinberg tries to explain how our preconceptions and biases get in the way of understanding the world around us.

Where Bohm leaves off, pleading for a more gerald weinberg system theory structured approach towards understanding the process of thought, Weinberg gladly picks up both the trail and the mantle. I gerald weinberg system theory not hear the same humble tone from this book as from the Psychology of Computer Programming by the same author.

Jason rated it it was ok Apr 19, Bendoricchio No preview available – I am really surpirsed it is considered a classic. Views Read Edit View history. This book opened my eyes to many interesting directions and spheres I gerald weinberg system theory aware of.

Used ferald university courses and professional seminars all over the world, the text has proven its ability to open