Inge Bley-Hiersemenzel, Florian Schiel: Hong Kong Cantonese L4 Learners’ Oral Production of German: Towards the Analysis of Consonant Production. Florian Schiel’s 93 research works with citations and reads, including: 8. Moderne phonetische Datenbanken. Florian Schiel has expertise in. Background. Schiel, Florian was born on September 15, in Munich. Son of Harald and Margarete (Bollinger) Schiel.

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PD Dr. Florian Schiel

Trier 1 Trier 2. Thomas KislerFlorian Schiel: Florian SchielThomas Zitzelsberger: Evaluation of Automatic Formant Trackers.

Thomas SfhielUwe D. ReichelFlorian Schiel: Multilingual processing of speech via web services. Towards the next generation of speech tools and corpora.

Barbara BaumeisterFlorian Schiel: Fundamental frequency and human perception of alcoholic intoxication in fllorian. Speech of cochlear implant patients: An acoustic analysis of sibilant production.

A statistical model for predicting pronunciation. SchiflChristoph Draxler: Medium-term speaker states – A review on intoxication, sleepiness and the first challenge. Florian SchielThomas Kisler: ReichelFrancesco Cutugno: Human perception of alcoholic intoxication in speech. Language Resources and Evaluation 46 3: Iris MerkusFlorian Schiel: Statistical Evaluation of Pronunciation Encoding. Inge Bley-HiersemenzelFlorian Schiel: Towards the Analysis of Consonant Production.


Christian HeinrichFlorian Schiel: Laura FolkFlorian Schiel: Perception of Alcoholic Intoxication in Speech. Rhythm and formant features for automatic alcohol detection.

Florian SchielChristian Heinrich: Laying the foundation for in-car alcohol detection by speech. Multimodal Access to the Web in Natural Environments.

Lingua machinae – an unorthodox proposal. Bikers Accessing the Web: The SmartWeb Motorbike Corpus. The SmartWeb Handheld Corpus. Annotation of Multimodal Data. Evaluation of Multimodal Dialogue Systems. Using morphology and phoneme history to improve grapheme-to-phoneme conversion. Speaker verification based on the German veridat database. Christoph DraxlerFlorian Schiel: Karl WeilhammerUwe D.

Multi-Tier Annotations in the Verbmobil Corpus. Off-talk – a problem for human-machine-interaction? The bavarian archive for speech signals – serving the speech community. Marion LibossekFlorian Schiel: Syllable-based text-to-phoneme conversion for German. Nicole BeringerFlorian Schiel: New resources at BAS: German regional variants – a problem for automatic speech recognition?

Pronuncation modeling applied to automatic segmentation of spontaneous speech. The bavarian archive for speech signals: Automatic detection and segmentation of pronunciation variants rlorian German speech corpora. The translanguage English database TED. Maria-Barbara WesenickFlorian Schiel: Applying speech verification to a large data base of German to obtain a statistical survey about rules of pronunciation.


Untersuchungen zur Sprecheradaption in Systemen zur automatischen Spracherkennung mit Hilfe stochastischer Modellierung. ShakerISBNpp.

Florian Schiel (Author of Bastard Assistant From Hell.)

A new approach to speaker adaptation by modelling pronunciation in automatic speech recognition. Speech Communication 13 A comparative study of speaker adaptation under realistic conditions. Rapid non-supervised speaker adaptation of semicontinuous hidden Markov models.