Discover Carl Orff & Ladislav Šíp’s track Estuans Interius. Complete your Carl Orff & Ladislav Šíp record collection. Shop new and used Vinyl and CDs. “Estuans interius” by Synergy & Australian Virtuosi & Antony Walker & Jonathan Summers on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now. Estuans interius; Olim lacus colueram (No violins used); Ego sum abbas ( Only percussion and brass with chorus); In taberna quando sumus. III.

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A remender As a cure, statim vivus fierem I would be revived per un baser.

Classical Net – Carl Orff – Carmina Burana Lyrics

Omnia sol temperata 5. Veni, veni, venias Who will love me? Here are the lyrics for Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

interkus Estuans interius Burning Inside Estuans interius Burning inside ira estuams with violent anger, in amaritudine bitterly loquor mee menti: Cupid’s prize; simus jussu Cypridis at Venus’ command gloriantes let us glory et letantes and rejoice pares esse Paridis.

Estas redit, Summer returns, nunc recedit now withdraw Hyemis sevitia. Tempus est iocundum Cytharizat cantico In harp-like tones sings dulcis Philomena, the sweet nightingale, flore rident vario with many flowers prata iam serena, the joyous meadows are laughing, salit cetus avium a flock of birds rises up silve per amena, through the pleasant forests, chorus promit virgin the chorus of maidens iam gaudia millena. Oh woe, who will love me?

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Feror ego veluti I am carried along sine nauta navis, like a ship without a steersman, ut per vias aeris and in the paths of the air vaga fertur avis; like a light, hovering bird; non me tenent vincula, chains cannot hold me, non me tenet clavis, keys cannot imprison me, quero mihi similes I look for people like me et adiungor pravis.

Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi These lyrics are copyright and are published here with the permission of Schott Music International. Ego sum abbas Only percussion and brass with chorus Circa mea pectora Circa mea pectora Were diu werlt alle min Were all the world mine Were diu werlt alle min Were all the world mine von deme mere unze an den Rin from the sea to the Rhine, des wolt ih mih darben, I would starve myself of it daz diu chunegin von Engellant so that the queen of England lege an minen armen.


Tempus est iocundum 2 pianos, percussion and all vocalists except tenor Cum sit enim proprium If it is the way viro sapienti of the wise man supra petram ponere to build sedem fundamenti, foundations on stone, stultus ego comparor the I am a fool, like fluvio labenti, a flowing stream, sub eodem tramite which in its course nunquam permanenti.

Fortune plango vulnera I bemoan the wounds of Fortune Fortune plango vulnera I bemoan the wounds of Fortune stillantibus ocellis with weeping eyes, quod sua michi munera for the gifts she made me subtrahit rebellis. Amor volat undique Boys chorus with soprano Primo pro nummata vini, First of all it is to the wine-merchant ex hac bibunt libertini; the the libertines drink, semel bibunt pro captivis, one for the prisoners, post hec bibunt ter pro vivis, three for the living, quater pro Christianis cunctis four for all Christians, quinquies pro fidelibus defunctis, five for the faithful dead, sexies pro sororibus vanis, six for the loose sisters, septies pro militibus silvanis.

The poem seems to have been famous in the late Middle Ages as it vividly expresses the fstuans of the Ordo Vagorum.

Hinc equitavit, He has ridden off! Dies, nox et omnia Day, night and everything Dies, nox et omnia Day, night and everything michi sunt contraria; is against me, virginum colloquia the chattering of maidens me fay planszer, makes me weep, oy suvenz suspirer, and often sigh, plu me fay temer.

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Rosa intrius, redder than the rose, lilio candidior whiter than the lily, omnibus formosior, lovelier than all others, semper in te glorior! Tua pulchra facies Your beautiful face, me fay planszer milies, makes me weep a thousand times, pectus habet glacies. Omnia sol temperat 5.

Wstuans puella A girl stood Stetit puella A girl stood rufa tunica; in a red tunic; si quis eam tetigit, if anyone touched it, tunica crepuit.

Male Chorus Miser, miser! Sed in ludo qui morantur, But of those who gamble, ex his quidam denudantur some are stripped bare, quidam ibi vestiuntur, some win their clothes here, quidam saccis induuntur. Amore suscrescente Love rises up, pariter e medio and between them avulso procul tedio, prudery is driven away, fit ludus ineffabilis an ineffable game begins membris, lacertis, labii in their limbs, interiu and lips.

O sodales, ludite, O friends, you are making fun of me, vos qui scitis dicite you do not know what you are saying, michi mesto parcite, spare me, sorrowful as I am, grand ey dolur, great is my grief, attamen consulite advise me at least, per voster honur. Parum sexcente nummate Six hundred pennies would hardly durant, cum immoderate suffice, if everyone bibunt omnes sine meta. Ama me fideliter, Love me faithfully! Soprano and Boys Oh, oh, oh, Oh! Sors immanis Fate – monstrous et inanis, and empty, rota tu volubilis, you whirling wheel, status malus, you are malevolent, vana salus well-being is in vain semper dissolubilis, and always fades to nothing, obumbrata shadowed et velata and veiled michi quoque niteris; you plague me too; nunc per ludum now through the game dorsum nudum I bring my bare back fero tui sceleris.