Download Form 19 and 10C – EPF India by anymoreagain in Types > Brochures, pf, and epf balance. I sent to him my EPF withdrawal form No. 19 and 10c with Rgd post No dated 23/9/ for signature and submission to concern Employee Provident. Hi Dhilip, both amount (19 & 10C) comes separately. hence, wait for some time. still if it takes more than 3 weeks, than better raise a grievance.

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As you are currently employed, you have to transfer your PF monies to your new account.

Regarding Signature On Epf Form N. 19 & 10c – DOC Download

So, probably looks like some issue from your employer side. Also please let me know after filling these forms, where should we post them? If Yes which form i have to submit for that process.

Its 2 months since I resigned old company. Am presently in bangalore, so can I use a for, bank account from a different state and update the same on UAN portal and apply for PF withdrawal?

New EPF Withdrawal Forms – Form 19 UAN, Form 10C UAN & Form 31 UAN

Dear Yousuf, 1 — Yes. UAN portal shows full name along with father Name but on adhaar card only first and last name mentioned. I was filling up the details in the Grievance Registration form where some of the fields I could not figure out.


When I will complete 10 years service in organisation how many amount i will get from my pension fund. My New company has provided me a new salary account, so do i need to update the new bank account and then get it approved and then apply or can i apply and send the cancelled cheque for the new bank account where i want the cash to be transferred.

Last year, I have joined new company and PF is not compulsory their, so i have choosen no option for PF because i need more salary on hands because of financial reason.

EPF Form 10c | Form 19 | Form 31 | Form 13 Download

However I have updated the Aadhar number in my present company as well as in the unified portal. Do i need to map aadhaar as well. I am Yousuf Shaik from Kadapa. You can m banking institutions name. Did you come out of the organization formally? I left previous employer in March of this year and did not serve the notice period due to health issues and have been unemployed since then therefore not contributing to PF.

I left my company 2 months before and I am not in India currently.

In this case is it wise to withdraw the EPS or wait till i turn 58 and then utilise the Pension scheme. What is the reason that they are giving to you?


Dear Azhar, I believe that on can submit the forms either in-person or formm post mail. I quit my company in January and relocated out of the country. Could you please help me as well. Dear Rajashekar, 1 — Yes.

How To Handle This Situation. Inoperative EPF helpdesk portal. Could you please let me know the URL. snd

I worked in a company for 10 months and PF was deducted from my salary. Online PF withdrawal procedure. Joined New Company in July and on rolls now. I have to reapply the firms or can follow up with the old one. Dear Swetha, I believe that they are Dates related to your Employment.

Bank details also need to be verified by your employer, if you are submitting new UAN based forms. I had already transferred from abd to new around 4 months back but pf office helpline saying it cant be done using new method.

Dear karan …You may track your claim status here.