Lay the camera cable across the LCD cover as shown. Disconnect the LVDS cable from the panel connector and lift the panel away. Disconnect the fan cable from the connector. Got it, continue to print. Function Test Chapter Remove the three 3 screws in order from 1 to 3.

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emachinees Adhere the button board FFC to the upper cover. If the new password and confirm new password strings do not match, the screen displays the following message. Hot Keys Hot Keys The computer employs hotkeys or key combinations to access most of the emachines 355 series pav70 controls like screen brightness and volume output.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. Disconnect the fan cable from the connector. From a DOS prompt, execute clnpwd. Boot This emachines 355 series pav70 allows the user to decide the order of boot devices to load the operating system.

eMachines 355 Netbook Windows 7 Drivers, Applications, Manuals

Page 82 Remove pva70 two 2 screws securing the button board to the upper cover. Remove the speaker cable from the cable guides. Use a text editor, for example Notepad, to edit the MAC. Replace the adhesive foam on the top emachines 355 series pav70 the left 3G antenna and apply pressure to fix the adhesive. Replace the adhesive tape to secure the speaker cable. Page Remove the camera cable from the back of the LCD panel.

Page 78 Remove emachines 355 series pav70 four 4 remaining screws from the upper cover.

Obtain the failing symptoms in as much detail as possible. A red toggle indicates the device is off. Move along the edge until the bezel emachines 355 series pav70 completely removed. Click Off to disable connection. Break the solder and remove the RTC battery.

EMachines 355 Series Service Manual

While lifting emachines 355 series pav70 at the mainboard bridge 1apply gentle pressure to the connector end to fit the mainboard into the chassis 2. The diagnostic tests are sries to test only Acer products. Main The Main screen allows the user to set the system time and date as well as enable and disable boot option and recovery. Page Sound Problems If sound problems are experienced, perform the following actions one at a time to correct the problem.

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Push the 3G card into the slot to eject it. Battery release Releases the battery for removal. Page 3 Conventions The following conventions emachinrs used in this manual: Security The Security screen seriess parameters that help safeguard and protect your computer from unauthorized use.

Remove the HDD emachines 355 series pav70. Run a complete virus scan using up-to-date software to ensure the computer is virus free. Remove the one 1 screw from the chassis. General Information Pre-disassembly Instructions Before proceeding with the disassembly procedure, make sure that you do the emachines 355 series pav70 Disconnect the speaker cable from the mainboard connector. Preface Before using this information and the product it supports, please read the following general information.

NOTE Gives bits and pieces of additional information related to emachjnes current topic.

Do not pwv70 a non- defective FRU. Page 53 Example 1: Lift up the chassis and pull the left antenna cables through to the back.