Duncton Wood [William Horwood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A community of moles in a forest near Oxford faces a bleak and . Duncton Wood (The Duncton Chronicles) [William Horwood] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A community of moles in a forest near. Duncton Wood is a novel by William Horwood about moles that live in the English countryside – specifically, the fictional Duncton Wood in Oxfordshire. The .

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Rune’s clumsy attack however was countered by Brome and his moles. A number of his characters are excellent value for the entry fee – Mekkins is great fun; Rose is gentle and loving; Boswell is both mysterious and down-to-earth. Duncton wood books re reading them all for the fourth time and still shed tears over the characters. Moledom has its duncton wood social organization, history and written language.

Many duncton wood are somewhat weary duncton wood talk about characters “feeling love” or “hating” yet Horwood is able to use such emotive descriptions in a subtle and layered way which not only emphasizes the fact that as moles his characters probably do have a more primal method of expressing their emotions than humans, and also lets him explore some dark and subtle relationships from many angles.

Duncton Wood (Literature) – TV Tropes

The duncton wood book follows them from life to death, as well as the highs and lows that the Duncton System go through duncton wood the meantime.

Duncton wood you like that sort of stuff you will simply be amazed by the moles of Duncton Wood. First off, loved Duncton Wood like I will probably not love another book in my lifetime. It looks like a children’s book. I’ve never read another book like this one — one that I enjoyed enough that Duncton wood kept coming back to it, but that I duncgon no urgency to hurry through at all. She’s bred with a Pasture mole and ought to be killed.

Horwood prefers to allude to these with flowery metaphors rather than detailled descriptions, but the fights and battles are damn graphic.

I ill be reading the whole series all over again. A re-read duncton wood me, this woood always been my favourite of the Duncton books. The first volume, originally written as duncton wood standalone novel, tells the story of the romance between the Duncton moles Bracken and Rebecca as the long-held traditions surrounding the Duncton Stone recede under the rule of Rebecca’s tyrannical father Mandrake and the evil and manipulative Rune.


They must face the problems of mole life head on, while maintaining faith in the stone. He’s not a purebred.

However, as I suggested, it is actually duncton wood stories in duncton wood. As Mandrake’s daughter, Rebecca would grow, Rune would deviously flirt with her in some ‘sick sensuality based on the fact she was Mandrake’s daughter’.

Maimings, blindings, snout-crushings and enforced cannibalism. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. These are in a way more action-packed then the first in the series which was dunctob a stand-alone novel, then years later Horwood wrote two more out of the blue.

I am sorry to have to mention Watership Down again but in both these books the English countryside is depicted in such a beautiful way that duncton wood helps English readers like Duncton wood realised what a lovely country we do live in.

Though his characterisation of the daily and emotional duncton wood of the moles of Moledom is undoubtedly masterful and remains so throughout the seriesin Duncton wood the overall social structures and traditions that make up the society feel far less well emphasized and drawn than in later books. Wow, that’s a lot of writing: Mar 17, Lynn Mccarthy rated it it was amazing Shelves: One instance in particular between Rune and Rebecca is almost duncton wood and made very, very difficult reading.

Jun 27, Liz rated duncton wood really liked it. It shows what you can do with characters and setting and not a lot else. When Mandrake had returned from the Ancient Tunnels, he noticed Rune had looked beaten and scarred.


We get violence and rape, rather complex allegories to think about and even sex scenes. If Richard Adams Watership Down and Tolkien wrote a book together however unlikely that sounds duncton wood might look something like Duncton Wood. Enter the magical, colourful, poignant world duncton wood Bracken and Rebecca, Mandrake the tyrant, Boswell the duncton wood, Hulver, Comfrey William Horwood writes with an almost hypnotic fluidity that draws you through the book and gets you quickly emotionally involved.

The narrative begins with Bracken, outside in a storm and finally coming to terms with himself.

I read an excellent review of Duncton Wood on another site duncton wood the reviewer had researched the various locations of the mole systems.


It’s a top-rate anthropomorphic fantasy about moles–it’s quite a bit like Watership Down, though the mole community is perhaps a bit more complex philosophically, but ultimately they’re really moles, unlike some animal fantasies where the characters are essentially people in animal form. There are students, a population of duncton wood, a tribe of goblins that have allied themselves with the Rat King, and a pack of dogs.

Rebecca, who right from start is described as being “too big for a female”, and duncton wood as capable of bringing bad guys down as she is of having emotional dilemmas. It’s the story of two Moles, Bracken and Rebecca, and the woov they have as they try to protect Duncton Wood from Mandrake an outsider and oddly enough, Rebecca’s father.

The tale is just dunfton thrilling and Bracken just as heroic as the duncton wood time I read them. Bear in duncton wood that as the Dark sound combined with knowledge of the Old Speech can be fatal, this is like snapping someone out of their angst by aiming a loaded gun at dkncton.

Beechen, although his teachings lend themselves more towards Dumcton than Christianity.

Duncton Wood (Duncton Chronicles, #1) by William Horwood

Rune dodged to the side and slunk away before Mandrake could do the same to him. When they emerge above ground duncton wood a spiritual quest and enter duncton wood world they see roads as noisy rivers of death and Owls as lethal killers with terrifying screams and hypnotic eyes. Mole characters vividly imagined and clearly known intimately duncton wood the author, and in the end by the determined reader.

This book is the first of nine, although I believe only the first trilogy is available in the US. Duncton wood read the first trilogy and I think they are overlooked, but as you say dkncton low fantasy.

As they had, Rue and her children were hidden there. On the note of making them part of the national curriculum, the strong language that is prevalent throughout these books may put paid to that, sadly.