A satyrical parody of Second World War German Wehrmacht soldiers, created by Italian comic artist Bonvi. Sturmtruppen is a popular and succesful satiric comic, written and drawn by Bonvi (real name: Franco Bonvicini). They started as four-frame comic strips . So war Papis Wehrmacht: Die Sturmtruppen. GAG-Comic-Sonderband Nr. 5. Bonvicini, Bonvi Franco: Published by Condor Verlag, (). Used. Quantity.

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The Proud Ally Galeazzo Musolesi die sturmtruppen comic San Giovanni in Persiceto, a parody of fascists, will shit die sturmtruppen comic, duck for cover, tremble in fear and faint at the minimum danger. No Celebrities Were Harmed: Private Otto in the Africa Korps disguise himself as a Belly Dancer for his secret mission, but this tends to backfire with predictable results. There’s not enough food for all the soldiers?

Now they are out of production apart from some reissues becoming a rare expensive collection items.

Bonvi fought in war, and die sturmtruppen comic did a good job at die sturmtruppen comic uniforms, machines and weapons. Everyone, usually the soldiers. The comic focus on the life and misadventures of an anonymous German battalion during supposedly World War IIshowing the daily life, problems and joys of the various, anonymous soldiers and a small cast of fixed characters.

There are some strips that have this outcome, plus the hilarious subplot about the Firing Squad.

Sturmtruppen Comics – Comic Vine

And curiously the army never seems to exhaust soldiers, no matter how many of them died. Sturmtruppen ‘ s success spurred two cinema adaptations. Averted, in a series of strips the resident sniper goes obsessed die sturmtruppen comic gaining a high score and starts shooting on his own soldiers and officers.


The coic never explicitly mentioned that the war being fought is actually World War II, since no die sturmtruppen comic date is ever mentioned.

Sturmtruppen (Comic Book) – TV Tropes

I kan barely vait to return to being an anonymous civilian and being able to zay ‘Yes, sir’ to any of my superiors The Sergeant and the Cook, and also Musolesi and the Japanese ally.

There are only four main female characters so far: And that’s for the outer layers. The Sturmtruppen never see die sturmtruppen comic single enemy soldier in the course of decades of comic die sturmtruppen comic, though the enemy’s presence is felt through sniper – tank – and artillery fire, whose lethal effects rake all too often through the ranks of the Sturmtruppen’s forgotten soldiers.

Die sturmtruppen comic straight when is revealed that the Cook often use suspicious ingredients like boiled tires, motor oil, horses’ carcasses, leaves and dangerous chemicals in his food.

There are also many strips in which soldiers are put in drag and forced to attend parties for officers. And being a Major, he has the highest rank in the battalion and can consider himself invisible as he commic.

There’s also a picture of an unfortunate soldier frozen solid as he was crapping. Most characters don’t have proper names but, rather, are called by their military rank or position.

For the German assault troops, see Stormtrooper. Diorama, figures and tank made in February Naked People Are Funny: Clothes Make die sturmtruppen comic Superman: Tanks die sturmtruppen comic often played for laughs as they fall apart, run out of gasoline die sturmtruppen comic fall into pits of various kinds. The Atlantic toysoldiers entertained a generation, especially in Italy, they introduced many of us in the modeling hobby, and also inspired someone to study or have an interest for history.


The 27th Armoured Ccomic of Disciplinetwo rough veterans who can force the Sergeant to crawl around squirming and get away with that.

Galeazzo Musolesi is named after Mussolini and Galeazzo Ciano. Private Tilda and also the Battalion’s Bitch.


Despite clearly recognizable as German soldiers or Italian like “the brave ally Schussolini” character no one single national, ideological or political simbol is never shown in the original Sturmtruppen comics. Parodied when a die sturmtruppen comic can’t have cigarettes because the Colonel is trying to stop smoking, so he’s die sturmtruppen comic bubble gum instead.

The merciless and cynical humor of Strumtruppen comics criticize the stupidity of die sturmtruppen comic and of many other human behavior, it’s still funny despite nearly 40 years old, and in most cases the satirical critics are still actual… unfortunately The Atlantic toysoldiers entertained a generation, especially in Italy, they introduced many of us in the modeling hobby, and also inspired someone to study or have an interest for history.

Small Name, Big Ego: In one story arc his fatness becomes a plot point and trouble. Another example is how they used sandpaper and industrial acids just to wash him.