David Clarkson, in Soul Idolatry Excludes Men Out of Heaven, does this very thing pinpointing thirteen kinds of “soul idolatry,” showing that “soul idolatry” is just. 24 Apr an old worthy Puritan named David Clarkson whose three volume set of But Clarkson is quick to remind believers of the soul idolatry that. David Clarkson Richard Baxter commended David Clarkson for “solid judgment, healing moderate principles, Soul Idolatry Excludes Men out of Heaven.

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It is a forsaking of the Lord the ‘Fountain’—and setting up of dagid cisterns’ into His place Jer 2: Other things may be loved—but He will be loved above all other things. For He being the chief good—He must be the chief end. When the mind is most taken up with an object, and the heart and affections most set upon it, this is “soul worship”–and this worship is due to God alone.

When we make other things our hope, we give them the honor due only clar,son God. To rejoice more in our wisdom, strength, riches, than in the Lord—is to idolize them.

To communicate it to other things is to give the worship of God unto them, and so to make them gods. I noticed that monergism. For He being the chief good and the chief end of intelligent creatures, it is His due, proper to Him alone, to be most minded and most loved. It almost never is. For to be most remembered, to be most minded, is an act of worship which is proper to God, and which He requires as due to Himself alone Ecc.


Therefore, to have an high esteem of other things, when we have low thoughts of God, is idolatry.

Soul Idolatry Excludes Men Out of Heaven

Worship is the mind’s esteem of a thing as most excellent. For confidence and dependence is an act of worship, which the Lord calls for as due only to Himself.

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival. Idolatrg is the idolatry of the heathen, and in part, the idolatry of papists. Now the chief end must be our chief aim—it must be intended and aimed at for itself; and all other things must be aimed at for its sake in a subserviency to it. I was so glad when Tim referenced him.

And what act of worship is there which the Lord more requires than this soul-dependence upon Him alone? It is the honor due only to the Lord to have the first, the highest place, both clarksln our minds and hearts and endeavors.

Soul Idolatry Excludes Men Out of Heaven by David Clarkson – Still Waters Revival Books

Are we ever going to get time to claroson down with one another again? Not only the covetous, but the immoral, are idolaters. He is to be loved transcendently, absolutely, and for Himself. Therefore, it is idolatry to trust in ourselves—to rely upon our own wisdom, judgments, abilities, accomplishments.

Soul Idolatry Excludes Men Out of Heaven | Tony Reinke

For a such a person is really an idolater who worships the things of this world. A covetous man is an idolater. Nothing can effect this, but that which is infinite—the righteousness of God.

That which we most aim at, we make our God. He who makes Christ his chief aim, if at length he finds Him whom his soul loves—this quiets his heart—whatever he lacks, whatever he loses besides.

Desire is an act of worship—and to be most desired is that worship, that honor, which is due only to God. When we are fully resolved for other things—for our lusts, pleasures, outward advantages—and but faintly resolved for God, His ways, honor, service—this is soul idolatry.


When you mind yourselvesmind your estates and worldly interests, mind your profits or pleasures more than God—you set these up as idols in the place of God. But Clarkson is quick to remind believers of the soul idolatry that remains in us.

That for which we are more zealous we worship as god; for such a zeal is an act of worship due only to God ; therefore it is idolatrous to be more zealous for our own things than for the things of God; to be eager in our own cause, and careless in the cause of God; to be more vehement for our own credit, interests, advantages, than for the truths, ways, honour of God; to be fervent in spirit, in following our own business, promoting our designs, but lukewarm and indifferent in the service of God; to count it intolerable for ourselves to be reproached, slandered, reviled, but manifest no indignation when God is dishonoured, his name, worship, profaned; his truths, ways, people, reviled.

For love is an act of soul-worship. Thanks for the whole thing and the tip on the books. Thinking otherwise of God than He has revealed Himself—or minding other things as much or more than God—is idolatry.