April Outlook – Daniel T. Ferrera. Ferrera is a Gann disciple and produces longer term cyclic forecasts. His forecast is calling for in the next few years I do not disagree with this outlook. . (71). ▻ December (9). Daniel T. Ferrera’s Outlook for forecasts the financial and 1, Ferrera’s “ Outlook for ” predicted a November low which proved. 1, Ferrera’s “Outlook for ” predicted a November low, which proved to be accurate within one week for the S&P (see Fig. 1).

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The methods presented are not solicitations of any order to buy or sell. In addition to publishing his formidable oitlook research, the text points to several major risk factors underlying the forecast.

I find this is the easiest method.

Sacred Science Institute Publishes Daniel Ferrera’s Outlook for 2014

Please tell Daniel I wish I could spend an hour each week with him! On May 3, in an Update to his Outlook forDaniel Ferrera perfectly called the May top and advised subscribers to exit positions or protect profits. Like this site on Facebook.

Long Term Overview Presented in Outlook. I don’t think we make higher Highs right now, but the rally could be strong and volatile. To join our Ferrera mailing list for updates and new materials: EPR Network LLC disclaims any content found in press releases published on its network – full disclaimer can be found over here.

The greatest insight is gained by studying the entire sequence and logic of the Ferrera Outlooks from In his first course, The Mysteries of Gann Analysis Unveiled, he predicted a stock market low in where most analysts were expecting a high and wrote: It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable or that they will not result in losses.

So what are they to do? Ferrera is well known for his cycles work and market forecasts, which are made several years in advance. Almost no one projected this new market accurately, and now reading whether it will continue to new spectacular highs or quickly turn to rebalance itself requires expertise and insight to understand and trade accurately. Some traders feel that the market is too high based upon the state of the economy, and continually seek a place to take short positions for a further collapse, while other traders think that the recent sell-off has made stocks cheap and that now is the time to buy and invest for another bull run.


We have seen fewer significant counter trend reactions than in almost any period in history, a dangerous warning sign for most technical analysts. You can never see the whole. Ferrera has not been one of the most successful forecasters of the modern era.

Daniel T. Ferrera’s Outlook for – NOW AVAILABLE!

Were you out at the beginning of May, or were you caught in the crash outolok the last months? His signal occurred one day before the exact high on May The table is based upon a particular combination of cycles and periodicity, which cerrera not immediately obvious to most, and has been speculated about for the last century by Gann researchers and analysts. One more Book to read: Their cycles are years and repeat.

Congratulate Dan for me.

Being prepared for when this market turns, and knowing the key dates, price levels, trend channels and technicals is of critical importance for successful trading as well as for simple wealth preservation. In his cycle material, Wheels Within Wheelsreleased inMr. Long Term Overview Presented in Outlook. Each successive Outlook then has provided key target dates and expectations for the intervening swings and trends, along with the smaller cycle changes and price levels dankel occur each year, allowing traders and investors to trade the swings or hedge their positions appropriately.

Ferrera illustrated how Gold would have a major advance, interest rates would continue to decline intoand he predicted that the stock market would experience a strong advance from to Trends For The Coming Year.

Raj Times and Cycles: Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast

This new Outlook is filled with fascinating educational material, and insights into techniques the old masters like Gann, Benner, et. When asking yourself just how clear your understanding and analysis of the current market actually is, you must consider whether your opinion is hopeful thinking, delusional speculation, or a truly educated analysis based upon historical factors, cyclic models, and an advanced education in financial analysis and forecasting.

This Outlook does not only look at the expected trends for the current year, but give an overall analysis of market expectations as far out aspainting a wide and clear picture of times to come. He advised subscribers to buy at the lows and hold for a period of approximately 4 years, as indicated by the model. The correlation of the Learn Money Management go with the Trend and you will profitable!


Gann and The Square of Nine. About Sacred Science Institute: Obviously, every market must turn at some point, if not to simply balance out the strong upward energy with a decent reversal. On May 15, he updated his subscribers, advising them of a sell signal on May 21, For new customers, we offer a package of the complete Outlooks from at a discounted price! This press release is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. As a former stock and commodities broker with 7 years experience, he has worked both sides of the trading fence and offers a unique perspective to any investor.

No one expects this bull market to go on forever.

If we do but the way it has been practiced for years. If a person or entity does not believe they are qualified to make such decisions, they should seek professional advice.

Daniel Ferrera’s Newly Published Outlook for 2015

Search Search this site: Obe and Wesley Li, There are outlool couple of cycles I am watching right now. The previous seven have proven to be remarkably accurate. One of his more famous forecasts was the bull market top in and the 3-year bear market that followed.

The only prediction that has not occurred pertains to the President, though he is a Republican President. This new Outlook is filled with fascinating educational material, and insights into techniques the old masters like Gann, Benner, et. Gann, or general techniques of financial market forecasting, this report should provide many insights that are ddaniel overlooked by other researchers.

Ferrera illustrated how Gold would have a major advance, efrrera rates would continue to decline intoand he predicted that the stock market would experience a strong advance from to