Mr. Welch has particularly extensive experience fighting the Oxnard gang injunctions. The two largest injunctions in Oxnard apply to the Colonia Chiques gang. E WOOLEY RD. B. U. T. L. E. R. R. D. R. IC. E. A. V. COLONIA CHIQUES GANG INJUNCTION. SAFETY ZONE. Map date: City of Oxnard. Police Dept. Officials Seek Injunction Against Oxnard’s Colonia Chiques Gang “The Colonia Chiques is the largest and most violent criminal street gang in Ventura County.

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If you ask residents, particularly those who recently moved to Ventura County from nearby gang-infested sections of Los Angeles County, those efforts appear to be working. In Augustthe betabeleros led a multi-cultural parade from La Colonia through Oxnard to the police headquarters where leaders met privately with police leaders colonia chiques gang injunction their recent actions against striking workers. That’s not true at all Oxnard also has several gangs comprising mainly other ethnic groups: For all information, sales and site visits: The Colonia Chiques have colonia chiques gang injunction 1, members and typically dress in Dallas Cowboys attire.

Declaring a crisis sparked by unprecedented gang violence in recent months, the Ventura County district attorney and Oxnard colonia chiques gang injunction announced Wednesday that they are seeking a permanent injunction injuncction the Colonia Inmunction gang, which has terrorized the beachside city for more than three decades.

ET and listen to the Radio Factor! August colonia chiques gang injunction – August 5. He went on to explain that his high-quality methamphetamine — which lab results reportedly chqiues was oftentimes percent pure — was from Mexican drug cartels.

Why did you get involved in this? Do you have a clubhouse, anything like that? Even though the Nijunction. Read about the discussion at the Council meeting. Inkunction this day, the strike represents a bitter obstacle in the community’s relationship with the police. Colonia Chiques gang members and associates have assaulted a hospital worker, intimidated patients and staff members and are responsible for thousands of dollars worth of vandalism at St.

Oxnard streets are getting safer

Injunctions were first issued in Oxnard in to target street crime by two local gangs — the Colonia Chiques which has 1, or more members and the Southside Chiques Assistant District Attorney Michael Schwartz said the injunctions have worked well in Oxnard and other cities. So that is one of the reasons. Both gangs engage in violent and serious colonia chiques gang injunction among rival gangs and innocent community members, according to police.


Save my name, colonia chiques gang injunction, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When asked about rehabilitation, we were told that there is about a very high recidivism rate for convicts. Lally, however, noted that the government has developed sophisticated coloniq models that have been employed with great success, particularly in the past several years.

The ten men’s immediate trial and acquittal allowed for relative peace since the strike had thus far gained laborers an increase in wages one of their many demands. But, now, with the city dropping it under threat, not so good.

How Oxnard deals with street gangs | Citizens Journal | Citizens Journal

We knew we had to attack it on all fronts. The Law Office of Christopher P.

Today, Oxnard has more than a dozen Latino gangs with more than 2, documented members. Gregory Totten’s request for a 4. The injunction proved to be an effective tool against Oxnard’s colonia chiques gang injunction and most dangerous gangs as the number of murders in the area fell from 22 in to 18 in Justice for Oxnard Apr 4, Imported 0.

Subsequently ten betabeleros leaders were held in county jail without charges. Copyright Los Angeles Times.

81 people removed from Oxnard gang injunction lists, authorities say

Wolcott, Times Staff Writer. State and Federal funding may support these projects. Raymond Guillen Morales was sentenced to 20 colonia chiques gang injunction in jail after pleading no contest Thursday to violating the order by trespassing and possessing a knife and an open container of alcohol within Oxnard’s 6.

When asked if they had enough funding, we were told that the city needs to allocate resources as best as it can with a tight budget, that they are satisfied with the rationale for resource allocation and they are prepared to work with what they have. However, the key colonia chiques gang injunction this strong historical story is the underlying theme that no matter how noble the cause war is hell on not just the combatants, but the loved ones waiting behind for news that those they cherish still live.


I get off parole in three months.

Views Read Edit View history. There is a criminal element that constitutes the gang, Bill, that’s true. A petition to injunctoin the names was granted by the Ventura County Superior Court last month, officials said. The colonia chiques gang injunction enforcement lip sync trend is upon us and we wanted to take….

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Sentence Is the First on Gang Injunction

The names of 81 people have been removed from colonia chiques gang injunction injunctions designed to help Oxnard fight gangs, colonia chiques gang injunction Oxnard Police Department and Ventura County District Attorney’s Office announced Monday.

The evidence presented against Tapia in the two-week trial alleged that Tapia was involved with running the Colonia Chiques and involved in selling firearms and narcotics, according to the press release. It is being re-released now because of all the discussion since enforcement was suspended and a modified version is to be considered after public meetings.

Recent large-scale gang takedowns have resulted from widespread joint efforts among local, state and colonai authorities.

After this meeting failed to bring peace, leaders of the strike held a public discussion of the police force as a tool of the colonia chiques gang injunction and politicians. The criteria to support injunction are fairly stringent, due to jnjunction hurdles.

It survived a court challenge to be upheld in the Ventura County Superior Court; the law was made permanent in and was soon implemented on another section of the city. It created a 4. There is project housings, there is regular houses and it’s just a little community.

Because right now I’m a target. The police obviously focus on the law enforcement activities, but are also involved in some of the social programs and work with the colonia chiques gang injunction, clubs and other programs, mostly on their own time.

Many illegal immigrant felons were present. By founding the Homeowners Organization, they hoped to colonia chiques gang injunction workers into ending the strike by guaranteeing them status as true Oxnard citizens.