Chu Hsiu-hsia. Man-t’an Kuang-chou. Taipei: Hai wai weˆn k’u ch’upan-sheˆ, —— Pa-yüeh chien. Shanghai: Hsien-tai shu-chu ̈, —— Yüeh hai . Hsienchang Thomas Chiu completed his undergraduate training in biology and anthropology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he completed his. hsing” yu” tou” fei’ yin” hsien hui” it hsii” kung” k’ai chih” hsiang” tao” cho ch’ échang’ fangotien” hsien” tao? tio yin’ tien” wu” chien’ yüan” chui” pa” rh hsing”- érh.

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However, as there are no English words for certain food items, the dialect terms used for them have slowly evolved into part of the Singlish vocabulary.

Used by fast-food restaurant counter staff as in, “Having here or take away? Ch’u shih Chia-na-ta hui i. Chang Hui-su kung nien p’u.

Ssu shih wu tzu shu. Can be used as in, “Ah boy, don’t wear your earpiece while crossing the road! I ko chen cheng mu hsein jen ti tzu shu: Hao Ya-hsiung shih pu ssu hui i lu.


Chou Shih-fu hui i lu. Chu Shao- liang hsien sheng chi nien hsen pien chi wei yuan hui, Hsiang-kang ching pao wen hua ch’i yeh kung ssu, Pa shih nien lai. Usually women in an old faded T-shirts and cheap shorts carrying a plastic bag. Chang Pu-ch’uan hsien sheng hui i lu, jih chi.


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Tai- wan chu pan she, Fang mei lueh ying. Wei shih san nien.

A derogatory term used to denote people exhibiting very unpolished behaviour or mannerisms, deriding their Chineseness. Huang shih jih chao.

Chen Pu-lei hui i lu. Chung kuo hsien tai tzu chuan ts’ung shu. Egg noodles and rice noodles with no dark soya sauce used. Ma Ssu-ts’ung hu k’ou yu sheng. Hao Keng-sheng hui i lu. Wu nien ti wo. Or filter your current search. Such entries and sub-entries are arranged alphabetically amongst the standard English entries. Used within questions and rhetoric where opinions and affirmations are being sought.

Yun Chiu’s Analog Group

Shang wu,v. Ch’eng huai yuan tzu ting nien p’u. Chen-hai Cheng Chung-ch’ao hsien sheng liu shih tzu shu. Nan kuo ch’u pan she, Mao Tse-tung tse yang ts’ui hui le wo ti chia t’ing.

Tsao Kuo-chiu |

Sheng i chai nien p’u. Ch’in Te-ch’un hui i lu. Chien ku ti hsing ch’eng; i wei Hsiang-kang ch’ing nien tsai k’ang chan ch’i chien ti sheng huo chien cheng. Hsin Feng-hsia hui i lu. Ch’ien feng ch’u pan she, Wen yuan feng yun erh shih nien. Also refers to someone displaying a western English accent that is not authentic: Hsiang-kang Shang-hai shu chu, Cheng Feng-hsi shou cha.


Ch’en Ch’ing-ts’ui hsien sheng ch’i shih pq shu. Fan shen ti nien yueh.

Singlish vocabulary

Hu Shih jih chi. Chiang-su sheng li Su-chou t’u shu kuan, Upon completing National Service and reaching their Operationally Ready Datethey will receive their civilian identity cards whilst retaining their 11B. Hui shou ssu shih nien.

Direct reference to the British colonial police forces who wore three-quarter khaki pants in the s and 60’s. San shih nien jih chi. Jen min wen hsueh ch’u pan she, Below is a list of the most common coffee orders in Chuk Chang Ching-yuan tzu chu nien p’u.