Alexander Frater is a travel writer with the London OBSERVER. Born in the South Pacific, he learned from his father to respect the volatile climatic changes of the. 20 May Frater, travel writer for the London Observer, follows India’s summer monsoon to the wettest place on Earth in this eccentric, sporadically. Alexander Russell Frater is a British-Australian travel writer and journalist. Alexander Frater Chasing the Monsoon () sees Frater follow the Monsoon in India. As a child his curiosity about India, and particularly its monsoon season, was.

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It smelled of flowers and, mixed in with the wonderful mango tastes, the fruit gave off hints of cinnamon and rare spices. Fishermen and sailors often couldn’t work in the high seas, cyclones, and driving rain during the height of the chxsing and pilots often had great difficulty flying in monsoon weather.

We found it in a stack of books mosoon “free” on someone’s lawn as we walked home from the market. I must say I was rather surprised that the monsoon traveled slowly enough through India that Frater for the most part was able to keep ahead of it, as while the first burst over Cape Comorin occurs generally around June 1, it is nearly July 1 before it reaches Delhi if it reaches it at all; Frater chronicled how the monsoon rains had failed to arrive in recent years.

Frater touches upon all these aspects as he travels following the monsoon.

Later he was informed by a fact-checker that such an island really existed in Tongawhich went on to form the basis for his book, Tales from the Torrid. He cover technical aspects meteorological of the monsoon without being boring.

Chasing the Monsoon Summary –

It’s quite a wonderful read, despite the technical details that intrude occasionally. Inshortly after his mother had died and he himself had contracted a numbing nervous disorder, he got the idea to travel to India and experience the legendary summer monsoon, in the vague hope that its reputed rejuvenating powers would lift his own spirits as well. The journey continues and he follows the monsoon to Goa and then Bombay. Once in England Frater began submitting pieces to Punch and was eventually offered a staff job.


Frater was alexajder in a small mission hospital in Port Vila in the middle of a aleaxnder. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The writer has a eye for details and captures the color and flavor of the unique Indian culture with the skill of a cameraman.

One of the inetersting asides in the book is the struggle of Frater in securing permission from the Indian bureaucracy to visit Cherrapunji in North East India, the wettest place on Earth.


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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Despite this being a serious mission, he chats and jokes along the way and takes you on one heck of a journey. I found the aledander overall a pretty good travelogue of India. The contents of the glass were a warm, glowing orange; faint hints of fire indicated that fratfr crystals from the sun had been dropped like sugar lumps into the blender too.

Chasing the Monsoon Summary

During the process of pursuing this exciting journey, apart from describing the nature’s behavior the author also explored few interesting pre-indpendence events,the Fratdr bureaucracy in action, the perplexity of Indian life when viewed by an outsider.

Please tick this box if you’d like to receive information and updates from us about our book aoexander. There are paintings in the past that are dedicated to the phenomenon of the monsoon. Excellent read, highly recommended.

It is a part of our very existence, it defines us, it makes us resilient and even a little bit hopeful about new beginnings. About half way through, I became a bit bored by the seemingly endless description of his permit process to get to the far north.

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Chasing the Monsoon

Tumblr Pinterest More Facebook Email. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Nov 03, Georgie Mathew rated it really liked it. I finished every last drop.

The first chapter is all about the immediate trigger that made the author set out – chasing the Indian monsoon from “where the rain is born” to quote anita nair to the wettest place on earth. But Frater puts everything in perspective, showing how in the millenniums, Indian culture has welcomed the monsoon through its arts, poetry, music and dance.

It is large and very sweet-‘ [ It feels like mother nature is lashing out at us in full fury, punishing us for the extremities we commit For 3 months in a year India experiences a unique phenomenon called the Monsoons. So important were the rains in providing a relief from the heat, watering crops, filling wells, and regenerating lakes and rivers, that much like with the monsoon cures an entire industry existed to ensure the arrival of the rains, ranging from ceremonial well diving to crackpot inventors to cloud-seeding with aircraft to singing ancient songs called ragas, composed especially to bring on the monsoonal rains.

Unlike most western writer he doesn’t criticize or try to suggest ways of the culture of the countrybut stands aside watches and report. Frater has taken the subject of the monsoon as a lens through which to focus his writing, and, by looking at India and its multifaceted society through this lens, has created a very readable and fond look at a complicated meteorological event in a complicated country.